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15 September, 2017

Principal Weekly Update 15/09/2017 from Mr Mark Sayer

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Principal Weekly Update 15/09/2017 from Mr Mark Sayer
Principal Weekly Update 15/09/2017 from Mr Mark Sayer

Opportunity.  It stares us in the face every day.

Today we announce to the school the head students for this coming year.    Mr Lee has written more extensively about this in his article, naming the 4 students, who seeing the opportunity present itself, grasped it with both hands.  They prepared well for their presentations to the student body; they were totally authentic and compelling in interview with Mr Dale, Mr Lee and the Principal.  We were very proud of them, as they blended a strong articulation of their values and vision with excellent English.

This week too all students began their ECAs.  They have all had an opportunity to choose what they would like to do.  Giving this opportunity encourages responsibility-taking.  The students see what is on offer; they hear about what each activity involves; they select and continue the activity throughout the weeks ahead, continuing at the end of the term with another selection for Term 2. 

One of lovely things in my job is being able to see the development of opportunity and students taking it.  This year, during ECAs, following the appointment of our Community Service Coordinator, Thao Le, we now have service projects taking place during ECA time.  This embeds the development of values, and some projects now have more students wanting to participate than we can cater for.  This is outstanding and the benefit to the project and to the students will last for many years to come.  The time and effort in building the relationships for a sustainable Community Service project base is extensive but we are underway and the participation in these opportunities is great to see.  I am very proud of all the students are achieving both inside and outside the classroom.

This coming week, we have opportunities for parents to engage with us in debate about matters close to their hearts.  The response has been very positive and I am looking forward to this Open Forum and bringing out solutions.  The Secondary section will hold Parents Meetings for new students.  In a few weeks’ time, information evenings on University Entrance and Subject Choices too will take place.

There is a wealth of opportunity for us all.

Have a safe and happy weekend.