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13 October, 2017

Friendship and story time in the Early Years

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Friendship and story time in the Early Years
Friendship and story time in the Early Years

As part of Friendship Week, the children in the Early Years have been looking at making new friends and sharing their toys and books with each other. All of the classes had some visitors from the Secondary School. The Secondary children were very kind and polite, which I am sure you can tell from the pictures.

F1 were visited by Year 8, F2 by Year 9, F3B and F3V by Year 12. It was a great opportunity for the children to get to know some of the older children in school. The Early Years children really look up to the older children so it is important that when they visit them they model great listening and behaviour skills. All of the children enjoyed the visits and it will definitely be something that we will do more of in the future.

In England, the Author A. A. Milne is well known for writing the Winnie the Pooh series of books. One thing you may not have realised is that the books hold lots of hidden morals about friendship and having someone by your side as you go through life. In the Early Years at BVIS, we try to nurture and support the children in building strong lasting friendships with each other. We do this by supporting them in their play and learning by showing them how to talk to their friends and by modelling how to share and play in a kind way. We hope that this will also help them to build happy memories of their time with their friends at BVIS, just like Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin.

Ms Julie Walton

Early Years Leader