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Nord Anglia
30 November, 2021

Parent Satisfaction Survey 21/22

Parent Satisfaction Survey 21/22 Your feedback helps us to continue providing the best possible educational experience for your child(ren)!

Your feedback helps us to continue providing the best possible educational experience for your child(ren)!

BVIS Hanoi is excited to announce the launching of the 2021/22 NAE’s Parent Satisfaction Survey. Last year we had the wonderful response rate of 86% which gave us an outstanding understanding of your views on our school. Over the past year, this information has been of great use.  

In the many areas where you rated us highly, we have focused on maintaining and further developing the quality of or provision. These included, but were not limited to, the quality of education and the positive relationships your children have with their teachers, these are an ongoing focus especially as we have moved into the virtual environment. As is home school communications, and our capacity to support a healthy lifestyle, areas you rated us highly. 

We also indicated some areas where you would like to see development and we are currently making some significant changes: 

  • Quality of the Virtual School: We have made significant adjustments to activities, personal connection with peers and teachers, balance of screen time and work at home and many adjustments to how and what we deliver to ensure the needs of you and your children have been met. This is ongoing and will continue between now and when we return face-to-face. 
  • Information about your child’s progress: We have reviewed an enhanced our reporting and parent teacher interview processes, we added weekly additional information about student engagement and achievement, provided parent workshops on how to support your children’s learning supported by a series of instructional videos designed to help you support your children. 
  • Specialist facilities: We began work on a series of projects over the summer and have completed these over the past few weeks. Your children are going to be very excited when they see the improved facilities. This report gives you a great insight into these improvements.  

You used the survey to ask, and we have delivered. We would be very grateful if you could repeat last year’s effort and spend 15 minutes completing this survey helping us continue our excellent partnership that helps us meet the needs of you and your children. 

Besides that, parents who complete the survey, will have a chance to enter a Lucky Draw to win a lovely gift for their child.