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20 October, 2017

Principal Weekly Update 20/10/2017 from Mr Mark Sayer

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Principal Weekly Update 20/10/2017 from Mr Mark Sayer
Principal Weekly Update 20/10/2017 from Mr Mark Sayer

This week has seen two very important events.  On Sunday, we organized a seminar for parents and visitors on the nature of Abuse, with particular reference to the rights of young people.  In the light of recent media coverage, we looked at the wider definitions of what abuse is, how it can manifest itself in wider society and how we need to speak out against it.  It is an issue that affects all societies and why the role of UNICEF is such a vital one.  The speakers were candid and dispassionate and it provided increased awareness for all those who attended.

On Monday night, we hosted in school Jonathan Taylor who over his two-day visit had worked with all students from Years 1 to 13.  The parent information session provided much needed engagement on how to work with their children in this technologically-rich age to help them remain responsible and safe.  The responses regarding Online Safety given by the students did to some extent encourage Jonathan Taylor so at least there is some deeper knowledge there in evidence. 

On a similar theme, the students in Primary have done some amazingly creative work on Friendship and Anti-bullying, writing their own stories and illustrating them beautifully.  The messages they contain are both profound as well as accomplished, with many writing bilingual stories and some even trilingual!  This is exceptional for young Primary students.  We will be seeking to share these more publically but also with the child’s parents but with nearly 200 of these wonderful storyboards, it will take a while.  It is so pleasing to see the way the students are engaging in these issues, showing both ambition in their output and maturity in their outlook.

The turnout was, frankly, disappointing, given that these issues affect every nation on the planet to some degree or other, but we are grateful to the parents who did attend for their participation and willingness to be involved, to listen and engage in the important messages.   We understand that parents are busy and we will continue to offer up this level of parental support that is so vital for helping to nurture the next generation.  I would encourage parents to attend, where possible, particularly if they say they are going to attend, so that together we can work towards safer solutions for all of the students and to broaden the perspective for parents.  Being forewarned is to be armed in advance with the relevant strategies and approaches that will help keep your loved ones protected.  We will of course keep parents informed about future events.

Have a wonderful half term break and we look forward to seeing all back at school safe and sound on Monday 30th October.

Mr Mark Sayer - Principal