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23 March, 2018

Principal Weekly Update 23/03/2018 from Mr Mark Sayer

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Principal Weekly Update 23/03/2018 from Mr Mark Sayer
Principal Weekly Update 23/03/2018 from Mr Mark Sayer

Thank you to all of our parents who responded to the Parents' Satisfaction Survey.  42% of families responded, which whilst a little below what we had hoped for, still represents a significant proportion of the parent body.  We really do appreciate the time given to this by members of our community.  It provides you with a voice and helps shape the future direction of the school and it's provision for your children.  

Having a voice is so important.  It does not mean that we are solely reactive but we do like to hear and respond.

Students, through the Student Council or through questionnaires and informal discussion, also are able to contribute to how we move forward.  Recently, all Primary students were engaged in a questionnaire about catering.  We began this annual process with the Endicott Survey for CIS in 2015 and have carried out food surveys annually since.  

Recently, too, all staff, whether teaching or non-teaching, had the opportunity to participate in the biennial Nord Anglia Employee Engagement Survey to ascertain who they feel about their work and about the organisations that enable them to do their important work, in whatever field of school life.  95% of all staff responded, which was a tremendous response and there was much cause for pride in the structures in place and in what has been achieved since the last survey in October 2015.  It does provide school leadership at a local and regional level with a useful road map, or in changing the metaphor, with an up-to-date temperature gauge concerning the things that staff feel are important.  Staff have been enabled to meet in small groups to think through their responses to the issues raised and to contribute to the wider strategic priorities for the organisation. I welcome that positive contribution and look forward to finding together the solutions to areas highlighted.  It is a very healthy picture that emerges.

On a different note, I share Sharon West's comments about the Primary Music Competition.  As a school, we have always given equal weight to every area of school activity but music is a very special area of interest for me.  To see the confidence the students displayed in their playing was a joy to see.  There is a great deal of talent and with 26 participants in this final, there is clearly depth too.  Congratulations to all who toook part, and a big thank you for the way they entertained us all and, as Sharon mentioned, to the place given to music within families and for the support given to children to help them flourish in this area of their lives.

I wish you a very happy weekend.