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12 April, 2019

The Results of Parent Satisfaction Survey 2018-2019

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We will, of course, keep you updated on our progress in each of these areas through our newsletters during the course of next academic year. Once again, thank you for your continued support of The British Vietnamese International School, Hanoi. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to enhance teaching and learning at our school for every student.
Mark Sayer
BVIS Hanoi Principal
The Results of Parent Satisfaction Survey 2018-2019 We are very proud of our 2018/19 academic year results, which represent the collective hard work and dedication of everyone at our school.

As many who are part of our community will know, each year we carry out an annual Parent Satisfaction Survey to help us improve our understanding of how we are performing in key areas — such as what we are doing well and areas where we can improve — so that we can continue to provide the best possible educational experience for your child.  It is the foundation to our “You said…We did” initiative.

This year’s survey concluded in February and over 26% of parents at our school. Whilst we would have liked to see a wider return of the survey, we are very grateful to everyone who shared their valuable feedback. These results, along with continuous guidance and review with Nord Anglia’s Education team, enable us to create a thorough improvement and development plan for our school. 

We are very proud of our 2018/19 academic year results, which represent the collective hard work and dedication of everyone at our school. Here is a summary for parents:


  • Students feel happy in school;
  • Students feel safe in school;
  • Contact with the school is positive and welcoming;
  • The Admissions process was well organised;
  • The school lives up to the expectations of parents;
  • Parents feel they have been welcomed into a warm and welcoming community.



  • Students receive a high quality education;
  • The school provides a stimulating learning environment;
  • The school promotes a healthy lifestyle for your child;
  • Your child has a good relationship with their teacher(s);
  • The school keeps parents well informed about general school updates;
  • Indoor sports facilities and quality of classrooms;
  • Your child was given a good induction when starting the school;
  • Parents were given all the relevant information when they needed it.


  • Students are encouraged to be ambitious;
  • Your child participates in a wide range of activities after school;
  • Your child is well motivated by their teacher(s);
  • Your child interacts well with others at school;
  • And is developing in independence and confidence at school;
  • Parents are happy with the response they receive to questions or concerns;
  • Parents feel well informed about their child’s successes outside of academic progress;
  • Library and Research facilities. 

Parents will be aware that we constantly review and improve facilities where we can and within positive timeframes. Our commitment to facility and teacher quality remain undimmed.  Your children deserve the best that we can provide for them. We have been viewed in parents’ responses to have improved in 61% of the areas covered.

We are pleased with the progress we are making and the comparisons against the region and with the global family of Nord Anglia Schools, shows the value of the work so far:

Regional: In 55% of questions we exceeded the regional average, with 13% in line.  Where we were lower, the vast majority of responses were by a single or 2% points. 

Global: It is also very pleasing that in 68% of areas covered by the survey, we were considered to have outperformed against global averages, with 16% equal in percentage satisfaction with all other NAE schools.

Where we were behind:  These areas have been identified from the survey responses and will become our focal points for development in the coming year.  In 25% of these areas where we are behind regional and global averages, an improvement has already been observed by respondents, but we remain committed to further improvements

Last year, we learnt about some of the key areas where you would like to see improvements.  We made improvements in Library, Research and Classroom spaces.  We focussed attention on indoor sports facilities as well as Dance, Drama, Music facilities.  We invested widely in Continuous Professional Learning opportunities for all teaching staff

This year’s survey has highlighted a number of key areas on which to focus, and our improvement and development plan has already begun to address many of the issues where we can continue to add value to our educational offering:

  • the further development of your children as independent, strong learners who increasingly have a global perspective.  It is important we remain true to our mission and values to encourage support for our Vietnamese heritage and context for all learners. 
  • providing the support for all learners to grow in personal responsibility for their learning within a deeply caring and nurturing environment. 

Parents will also be aware of how important the Nord Anglia collaborations with Juilliard, MIT, UNICEF and Global Campus are to our wider educational offering.  We write extensively in newsletters and on our website about these features that are unique to our family of schools.  Yet according to the survey, over 50% said they had little or no knowledge of these collaborations.  I would encourage all parents to read the newsletters that are sent out as these represent a significant plank in our communications strategy about what sets us apart from any other non-NAE school in Hanoi.