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21 October, 2019

Secondary Weekly Update (14/10-18/10)

Secondary Weekly Update (14/10-18/10) In this the last week of the first halfterm, please see news if many interesting and challenging academic activities:


Dear Parents,


In this the last week of the first halfterm, please see news if many interesting and challenging academic activities:


Year 8 Juilliard Drama Week

In celebration of the launch of the Juilliard Drama programme here at BVIS, the Drama Department has hosted a week dedicated solely to the work of Year 8 pupils. Staff and parents were welcomed to Year 8 Drama lessons to see pupils showcase performance work based on the ‘Traditions of the Theatrical Clown’, which is one of the core works included in the Juilliard Drama programme. Over several weeks, pupils have explored the fundamental skills required for mime and physical theatre and have developed an appreciation for the comedic potential in non-verbal performance work.  All pupils involved have worked extremely hard this week and have demonstrated impeccable team work, improved confidence and a promising standard of artistic creativity. So far, pupils have thoroughly enjoyed the Juilliard Drama programme, particularly its variety of explorative tasks and rich resources from existing professional performance works. Pupils look forward to the new challenges that the programme will have to offer. On behalf of the Drama department, thank you to parents and staff who came to support the pupils involved in this week’s event.  

Bilingualism Week:

At BVIS, we pride ourselves on the bilingual framework currently in place. We also understand the importance of creating opportunities for our students to meet people from different backgrounds/cultures, so that they better understand the world around them. Bilingualism Week this year presented opportunities for our students to learn basic sign language, as well as becoming more familiar with Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. The Bilingual Spelling Bee was a popular favourite yet again, with tensions rising as they spelled and translated each word that was presented to them. The Bilingual competition, themed around World Mental Health Day, allowed our students to gain more awareness on issues affecting the mind. The Translanguaging Quiz and 'Just a Minute!' speaking activity challenged our students on their ability to translate short and longer utterances from English into their first language. It was wonderful to see such keen interest from the many students who participated very actively in each session. A massive thanks, on behalf of me and the EAL Department, to all teachers and students who led, assisted and participated in activities throughout the week. 


On Wednesday, we organized a Congratulations Party to celebrate students who gained best scores and high achievements in the recent Cambridge International examinations.  

On Friday, special awards were given out for students that have excelled and showing themselves fabulous this term.

We wish you a very happy break and see you on Monday 28th October.