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21 January, 2020

“Le Chauffage 2” concert – Journey to love

“Le Chauffage 2” concert – Journey to love Le Chauffage 2 concert with the theme Le voyage d'amour - The journey of love had just taken place on the evening of 3/1 at the Opera House, Hanoi with the performance of two pianists Tran Le Bao Quyen and violinist Tran Le Quang Tien.


Following the success of the first ‘Le Chauffage’ charity concert which was held last year, sibling musicians, pianist Tran Le Bao Quyen and violinist Tran Le Quang Tien kept the audiences enthralled with their virtusoso musical quality and compassion.

For the past year, Bao Quyen and Quang Tien have been continuing overseas with their passion for studying and performing music. The dedication for this special type of art can be deeply expressed by Quang Tien’s enchanting violin sound and Bao Quyen’s captivating piano notes. On the night of the concert, Bao Quyen and Quang Tien played in total 5 works, at times sad, others bright and energetic. The works required the musicians to display excellent technique to convey rich and deep emotion.

The ‘Le Chauffage’ concerts have been organized from a desire that music will bring practical value to people who need care and additional support. On this second occasion, Bao Quyen and Quang Tien have combined with BVIS Hanoi and the volunteer group, Chia se tinh thuong, led by Dr. Nguyen Lan Hieu, participating in many activities over the years.

Pianist Tran Le Bao Quyen said: "We are very moved to perform, and to do a bigger job than the profession. When observing people who are poor and in difficulties, it gives us passion for what we do. We value life more, and the stories create more motivation, affection and emotion on the stage."


Mr. Mark Sayer - Principal of BVIS Hanoi also shared his thought: "We are very grateful to Quang Tien and Bao Quyen, and to their parents, for their continuing encouragement and the recognition of their gifts in the service of others. Great things happen when people come together behind a vision and act as one. We very much hope that all here will enjoy the concert and in so doing support the work of ‘Chia Se Tinh Thuong’ to bring hope, joy and love to many who are in need."