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10 July, 2020

Graduation Class of 2020

Graduation Class of 2020 The ceremony marked the end of a memorable journey and the beginning of the next filled with new and exciting opportunities and challenges.

On 19th June, BVIS Hanoi staff, the students of Year 13 and their parents along with the teaching staff celebrated this year’s Graduation Ceremony at JW Marriott Hotel. The ceremony marked the end of a memorable journey and the beginning of the next filled with new and exciting opportunities and challenges.  

In his opening speech, Mr. Mark Sayer, the school’s principal shared the core values that students will need to remember in their new journey ahead: 

“My hope is that these young people will never forget who they are, never try to be something that they are not.  Instead, with a balance of pride and humility, and appropriate self-worth, they will gather to themselves the best values they encounter and discard the worst they see in the world, so that they can continue to flourish personally and add significance to all they meet in life, all that they do, leaving every place better than when they arrived in it.” 

Mr. Mark Sayer – BVIS Hanoi’s Principal 


Joining our celebrations was Mr. Phillip Dowler, Head of Campus at Hanoi’s RMIT University. He gave us our students some meaningful advice: 

“Pursue your dreams and your passions. Because when are you enjoying the work that you do, it doesn’t feel like work – it feels like doing something that you are really excited by and engaged in – and it’s those types of activities that bring us the most rewards.” 

Phillip Dowler - Head of Campus at Hanoi’s RMIT University 


And finally, we could not forget the impressive moments in the Graduation Ceremony, when Le Duc Anh Shun and Do Quynh Ngoc, two of our students from the class 2020, added their touching comments: 

“Thank you for always being so supportive and committed, guiding us on the path to success. I hope all teachers will stay wonderful, as we’ve had an amazing time here. I would also like to show my appreciation towards the parents who are present in this room. Thank you so much for choosing BVIS as the school for your children, my friends.”  

Le Duc Anh Shun – Student of Class 2020 

Do Quynh Ngoc – Student of Class 2020 


Congratulations on the success of the Class of 2020! It is our honour and pride to be a part of your student life. We wish you every happiness and success in the future, wherever that takes you!