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26 February, 2021

Secondary Daily VSE Update 26/02/2021

Secondary Daily VSE Update 26/02/2021 [[]]

Xin chào, Thứ Sáu vui vẻ!

In Comp Science this week Year 9 are studying Programming and they are Creating scrolling backgrounds in Scratch. We will put student works online for you to see cause this is really worth looking at it.

In History again Year 9 were amazing in History lesson this week. In history lesson had over 80 students and the comment thread with participation was well over 800 messages. Mr Bushe was observing the lesson and commented “the students definitely seemed to know their stuff!”. So well done Year 9 for both Computer Science and History”

In Music and Art this week Well done to all students who entered the Nord Anglia, Global Campus Virtual Young Musician of the Year Competition.

The competition included 61 NAE schools from all over the world that 1300 students and 6500+ minutes of musical performances!


The judges rewarded a winner, runner up and gave a couple of special mentions for each category. 

and our BVIS student exelled:


In the Category of Piano, Age between 15-19: Bui Viet Ha was Runner up in the World. I think, we need to remember that.   

In String (bowed), age 10-14, Helena had a special mention.

In Strings (plucked), Minh Ngoc in the age 10-14 category, she also got a special mention.

In voice classic, My Anh in year 13 got special mention

In Instrumental (modern) , Minh Ngoc also got special mention.

That is fantastic, we are proud of them.                     

In Yr 8 Creative Arts this week, students have been paying particular attention to rhythm.  Music can be made from anything and this week has seen students using a household chair as a drum kit!  Students have been inventive with what can be used as drum sticks from chopsticks to pencils to rulers to spoons!  They have been playing along to old Rock and Pop songs by A-HA, Sade, Queen and AC/DC.

The Key Stage Assembly this week

The winners of the Tet Challenge are one more announced. All winners get achievement points for

their greetings and confidence to welcome the new year of the Ox, 2021. We want them to keep up with great work!

We hope to be back with you soon on Campus but of course we don’t know exactly when that will be. Please look out emails from me and Mr. Mark Sayer to let you know with the latest news. Xin chào.