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10 January, 2022

Year in review: Top 10 major BVIS Hanoi's events of 2021

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Year in review: Top 10 major BVIS Hanoi's events of 2021 There is no doubt that 2021 was one full of challenges and changes for BVIS Hanoi. With the New Year is coming, let's have a look at the top 10 events of BVIS Hanoi last year.

There is no doubt that 2021 was one full of challenges and changes for BVIS Hanoi. With the New Year is coming, let's have a look at the top 10 events of BVIS Hanoi last year. 

Year in review 2021

1. Our students recorded outstanding academic results

BVIS Hanoi students have achieved incredible results in the IGCSE and A Level examinations. In A Levels, we have seen 45% of our grades were either A*or A, the highest ever in our school’s record. Meanwhile in IGCSEs, the number of students who were graded at A* - A rose from 36% to 43%, compared to last year’s. 78% of students achieved A* - C, of which 16 excellent students achieved A* - A in all their papers.

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2. New Facilities and Upgrades

Our school began work on a series of projects over the summer. Students will be very excited when they see the improved facilities.


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3. Our first-ever Virtual Graduation

This is the first time, BVIS Hanoi has held a virtual Graduation Ceremony ever! The event marked the end of a memorable journey and the beginning of a new one filled with exciting opportunities and new challenges to overcome.

4. Wellbeing & Resilience of our students have been fostered in Virtual School Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has dictated many aspects of our lives and brought us a multitude of challenges to keep children engaged in virtual learning. BVIS Hanoi has delivered a number of breakthrough solutions to foster wellbeing and resilience of our students in VSE. 


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5. A new series of instructional videos for parents and students

This year, BVIS Hanoi has introduced a new series of instructional videos on how to use TEAMS, ClassDojo, Parent Portal and Global Campus. This is a useful tool for parents and students to optimize the use of our online learning platform. 

online learning platform 1

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6. Seussical Jr. - The Musical

On the 3rd and 4th of, December BVIS presented their fantastic production of ‘Seussical Jr’ to a large audience of staff, parents and pupils. The cast had completed over 80 hours of rehearsals, working extremely hard as a team to produce an entertaining musical spectacular with colourful costumes, toe-tapping tunes, and energetic dance numbers.

7. The Moon Festival Family Photo Contest 

The Moon Festival Family Photo Contest was held from 7th - 22nd September for BVIS students and families from EYFS to Primary. The contest has created a positive atmosphere in the classroom and in the family at this time. The school would like to say thank you to our students and their families for their participation and support.

moon festival photo contest 2021

The full album can be found here:

8. BVIS Hanoi student was selected for NAE's first global Student Advisory Board

BVIS Hanoi is proud to introduce Jin Hee (Year 13) as Primary Member and Global Communications Officer in the very first global NAE Student Advisory Board. This is a group of student leaders who will be advocating for the students in their regions, and the social impact projects which they are leading. 


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9. The rise of our student's engagements on Global Campus

Since the start of the term, BVIS Hanoi has 3 students in the Top 4 for Global Campus's engagement across the whole of Nord Anglia. The school is also now 4th globally for use of Global Campus.


Global Campus is a Nord Anglia EXCLUSIVE technology-enabled learning platform, where 68,000 students from 76 schools in 31 countries connect, discover and interact with one another through collaborative projects. Students also have opportunities to learn with leading education experts from UNICEF, Juilliard, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Parents can watch our students' activities on BVIS Hanoi Official Youtube channel:

10. A Christmas atmosphere is all around

Term 1 ended with lots of laughs and a Christmas atmosphere filled within BVIS Hanoi's community. 

Whole school Christmas Concert  

House Christmas Dance Challenge  

Teachers' Christmas Carol  

'We wish you a Merry Christmas' from Primary teachers 

Secondary Teachers' Pantomime: Cinderella