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01 April, 2022

How our university counsellor helps BVIS Hanoi students secure their first-choice university

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How our university counsellor helps BVIS Hanoi students secure their first-choice university Three key components that our university counsellor focuses on at BVIS Hanoi to guide students.

At BVIS Hanoi, the world’s top universities welcome our students every year, and a central element in our students’ success is the role of our university counsellor.

Our university counsellor helps our students navigate the journey between Year 12-13 and university, by providing personalised support and guidance so our students feel empowered and informed to make the right decision for their futures.

There are three key components that our university counsellor focuses on at BVIS Hanoi.

Deciding on the best university pathway

Making a decision about the best university to attend requires a lot of considered research and comparisons. Our university counsellor plays an important role in guiding our students through this, highlighting the important key decision-making factors. For example:

  • What are the differences in the degrees offered by universities?
  • What are the benefits and challenges that come from different teaching styles?
  • What are the available pathways through each degree?
  • What benefits and career opportunities exist at individual universities?

Often university rankings play a leading role when students decide on their university of choice, but in reality, there are a number of criteria that shape the overall university experience. Our university counsellor will help our students understand the finer details about that experience, like the university’s location, opportunities, and expectations.


Understanding the application process

It is not uncommon for our students to apply to a selection of universities in numerous countries. Popular destinations include anywhere from the UK, America, Australia, Canada and South Korea. This gives students many options, but it also requires navigation through a variety of application systems, where the requirements and structure may vary significantly.


As well as providing a new challenge to students, the application process is often unfamiliar to parents too, and the university counsellor plays a key part in guiding families through this. They have the experience and knowledge of international application processes and are equipped to steer students through this system, ensuring that they are prepared rather than overwhelmed by the challenge.


Preparing our students to impress their first-choice universities

The journey to the world’s top universities often starts with a written application, and our university counsellor is our students’ biggest ally. From writing references and recommendation letters, to providing feedback and holding practice interviews, our university counsellor helps our students have a clear understanding of what’s required and how to prepare so they approach the process feeling empowered and confident.

As a Nord Anglia school, we open doors for our students by creating life-changing experiences, and our world-class education team and personalised curricula translate into outstanding results. Our students graduate from BVIS Hanoi with everything they need for success, including our university counsellor who makes sure they take their first steps on the right university pathway. Visit our below article for more information.