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19 August, 2022

Secondary Weekly Updates (15/8 - 19/8)

Secondary Weekly Updates (15/8 - 19/8) Summary of Secondary school news in Week 3 of August.

Welcome to BVIS Secondary activity update.

We would like to highlight this week with special activities on the first week of the new Academic Year from our school Heads of Year.

Year 7

This week, Year 7 have made a really nice start to life in Secondary School. They have gotten to know the school, their teachers, and their classmates a lot more. They have been engaging in a group project in the PAC building in which they are creating an Eco and Wellness Theme Park. This will continue until Tuesday, when their parents will come into the school in the afternoon and watch presentations organized by the students. 

Year 8

Wow! It’s been a great start to Year 8 for our students. They began their orientation day by designing a new café for BVIS and getting involved in a creative Aztec Art display.

I am already hearing from their teachers about how well they are doing in their lessons and have already begun to amass a number of House Points.

This year, I want to give a special emphasis on kindness and I will be regularly speaking to your children about this. I want our students to be kind to others, be kind to the environment and importantly be kind to themselves. It is vital students grow up being kind as the positive outcomes of this are numerable from having better relationships with others to generally just being happier.

I look forward to giving you more updates over the coming weeks and months.

Year 9

“Year 9 have had a very positive start to their year here at BVIS. On their first day they spent time reconnecting with their form tutor and their classmates, taking part in and creating some quizzes to get to know each other even better.

They also engaged in a variety of challenges with their support tutors and Head of Year. They played to their strengths and took part in either a practical, mathematical, logical or language challenge to earn points for their form. We congratulated each form for their effort, with the biggest applaud for 9I as the winners.

For the remainder of the week, they have enjoyed getting back to their lessons and starting their Year 9 learning journey.”


Year 10

Year 10 have had a great first week back at BVIS, experiencing their first lessons of their chosen elective subjects and getting used to life at the upper end of school.


Year 11

Year 11 have started amazingly, and with the existing students we have 22 new students joining us, creating the form group 11H.


I hope you all have a great week ahead.