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26 August, 2022

Secondary Weekly Updates (22/8 - 26/8)

Secondary Weekly Updates (22/8 - 26/8) The summary of Secondary News update from August 22 to August 26, 2022.

In English

We’ve introduced a library subscription service for Year 9 form groups.

Students have completed a MS Form explaining what they like to read and their favourite books, and the librarians are choosing books for them based on their interests.


In Humanities

In Humanities Year 7, the students have had an exciting introduction to the year. They’ve started looking at geography and considering what it is and why it’s so important in their lives. Next week they will enjoy a talk by Climate Talks Hanoi to further enthuse them for the topic.

In Humanities, Year 8, the students have started by looking at History and have been looking back at Richard III and whether he was guilty in the disappearance of his two nephews. The students have loved moving around the classroom and looking for clues to the answer this puzzling part of history.


Global Perspectives

In Year 11, students have started planning their Team Projects. They’ve included some interesting topics to research, including, water scarcity, gender equality and mental health. The class have enjoyed getting to know each other and working in teams, having just joined the school.



Chi Thanh – Head Boy and Minh Chau – Head Girl in KS5-S came 2nd in the SAGE global Business competition. Congratulations!


Events this week

August 25th: EAL Workshop for KS3

August 25th: Parent Ambassadors and Student Prefects meeting with Principle

August 26th:  National day Assembly


Events the following week

August 31st: Climate talk for Year 5 and Year 7


I hope you all have a great weekend ahead!