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14 October, 2022

Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (10/10 - 14/10)

Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (10/10 - 14/10) Weekly letter from Head of Primary - Mr Malcolm Wood

Dear Parents

Now that the school holiday is upon us, I am sharing with you the content of my assembly this afternoon. I hope it gives your children some great ideas to have a super holiday.

Reflect on the half term gone by: What did I do well in Term 1A? What did I not do so well in Term 1A? What will I do differently in Term 1B?

Pick up a new hobby: You will probably feel bored at some point during the school holidays. That’s the time to pick up a new hobby like singing, playing a musical instrument, writing poetry, dancing, photography, stargazing.

Create a home cinema: Download a great movie, get some snacks such as popcorn and pizza at the ready, dim the lights and sit back and enjoy!

Improve your physical health: You have more time during the holidays. So this is a great opportunity to start sleeping well, exercising regularly, and eating healthily.

Go swimming: There’s lots of fun to be had swimming!

Achieve an athletic goal: Here are some examples: How many push-ups in 1 minute? How many star jumps in 1 minute? Can you hold a plank for 1 minute? Can you run a km in under 10 minutes?

Create a puppet show: Dig out your old socks and the crafts box and have fun creating puppet characters. Then you can make puppet shows for your family.

Enjoy nature: Go for a hike, have a picnic, fly a kite, or visit a natural place.

Go for a picnic: Choose a park or a woods, perhaps somewhere that you have never been before, and go and explore. Take a picnic and find the perfect spot for when you all need a rest.

Learn a new skill: You could learn skills like cooking, drawing, listening, or positive thinking.

Read: A holiday gives you enough time to get deep into a book.

Visit museums: A trip to a museum will make you more knowledgeable, and you’ll probably leave feeling inspired too.

Spend time with friends and family members: Spend time with friends and family members whom you didn’t get to spend much time with during the school term. At the very least, send them a message to show them that you’re thinking of them.

Learn about your family history: By doing this, you’ll discover interesting things about your family. Not only that, research indicates that people who know their family history tend to have higher self-esteem too.

Learn about a country or place you don’t know much about: The world is an amazing place filled with fascinating countries and cities. This school holiday, take some time to learn about the history and culture of a country or place you aren’t familiar with.

I look forward to welcoming your children back to school on Monday 24th October.

Warm regards

Malcolm Wood (Mr)
Head of Primary