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03 March, 2023

Secondary Weekly Updates (27/2 - 3/3)

Secondary Weekly Updates (27/2 - 3/3) Summary of Secondary news in week 5/February (AY 2022 - 2023)

Welcome to BVIS Secondary Update

The highlighted event this week

This week the Year 7 students have been joined by the Year 6 students on their Service-Learning trip to the Forest Park along the Red River. It is the same location that the Year 7s worked at in the last half term. They were delighted to see the continued progress of the park, which is being transformed from an illegal trash dump into Hanoi’s first government sanctioned forest park.

A basketball court and kids’ playground has now been built which adds to the garden area the students helped build last time. The students this time have worked together to plant trees, collect rubbish, water plants, and make compost.

They are looking forward to returning in the future to help out even more. After their visit this week the Year 6 students have enjoyed having lunch and spending lunch break in Secondary as part of their transition into Secondary school.

Upcoming events

Community Service Learning

The Year 7 students will be undertaking community service again at The Forest Park site with the Year 6 students on March 8th


Sports Features




KS3 Boys Football RGSV RGSV 3.15 pm (leave school)



KS5 Boys Basketball RGSV RGSV 3.15 pm (leave school)


PTC meetings

Tuesday, March 7th: PTC Year 11

Thursday, March 9th: PTC Year 13


Book Review

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BVIS Secondary School Play

This year, for the first time, BVIS will perform a Secondary School Play! 

Play: Zero for the Young Dudes by Alistair McDowall

Performance: 8th June 2023

Who can audition? Any pupils in year 7,8,9,10 and 12

How do I audition?


I hope you all have a great weekend!