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Nord Anglia
17 March, 2023

Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (13/3 - 17/3)

Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (13/3 - 17/3) Weekly letter from Head of Primary - Mr Malcolm Wood

Dear Parents

A person needs to be comfortable with their sense of identity and to have a sense of belonging. This may have been more automatic in a past in which more of us grew up surrounded by people who looked and spoke like us or like our parents; people who based their lives on the same beliefs and assumptions as our own.

Knowing where you come from is important, as is knowing where you are heading towards.

As more and more of our lives are lived globally, we want our children to be able to reach the greater cultural, intellectual and financial opportunities available to those who have the right skills.

At BVIS, a key part of our mission is to ensure that your children are connected to Vietnamese language and culture, and able to access the wider world through English language and global mindedness. So, in the recent parent survey, I was pleased to read the percentages of Primary parents who agreed with the following statements:

• 95% - I understand the mission, vision, and values of my child's school.
• 94% - The school's curriculum provides my child with opportunities to learn about their own background and culture.
• 94% - The school appropriately provides for the development of multilingual learning.
• 96% - The cultural diversity of the school community is used to enrich my child's learning.
• 96% - The school has helped me understand how it is developing my child as a global citizen.

Further to the theme of national identity, I would like to wish a happy St Patrick’s Day to our Irish friends, teachers, family and students at BVIS, who are celebrating today.

Kind regards,
Malcolm Wood (Mr.)
Head of Primary