Our House system creates a sense of community across the school, bringing children of all ages together through events and shared experiences.

House events are held throughout the year, including the yearly Christmas Charity Market which harnesses students’ entrepreneurial skills and culminates in a sizeable charitable donation for local charities within our community.

The House System is student-led with the implementation of inspiring house captains and a house leadership team which further develops creative inter-house and whole school challenges and events. These leadership teams mentor students and gather feedback from the student body, using this to regularly review and enhance the positive impact of the house system.

Team/House Captains: Sport is a vibrant and successful part of school life. There are many opportunities for students of both genders to display leadership in the organization of training sessions, team management, skills acquisition and liaison with sports coaching staff, as well as being excellent school ambassadors when taking/receiving teams for sporting fixtures with other schools in Hanoi.

Additionally, the vibrant house system provides rich opportunities to set the activity calendar and support the philosophies of a strong house system. House Captains may lead participation in competitions or select house charities to support, as well as guiding house members from all year groups to gain House Points for, amongst other things, behaviour, academic work, engagement in school activities that leads to a termly winner of the coveted House Trophy.

As a member of a school house, our students learn to embrace challenges and work with others achieve their goals.

Each student and teacher is assigned to a school house. Students work together in their houses to raise funds for school charities and compete in events such as Sports Day to earn points for their house. These activities encourage teamwork and collaboration, and give students a sense of belonging in their school community.

In the classrooms, teachers can award house points to students for a stellar academic performance, or for embodying one of the school's ideals, such as respect or integrity.

At the end of each term, the House Cup is awarded to the house with the most points – the final point total are always very close!


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