As much of our information to you via email, this is important that all of your details are kept up to date.

The following list is our school communications platforms in which the school tries to keep in close contact with parents.


WHOLE SCHOOL: Weekly newsletter

To keep you informed with the weekly events in school, a link to the weekly newsletter will be emailed to you. If your email address changes, please inform the office immediately so that this important communication reaches you each week. Newsletter contributions in the form of reports or videos are regularly made by the Principal, Head of Primary & Secondary, staff, and children. These newsletters provide information not only about class activities and learning, but also about the wider school. Newsletter are uploaded on to the school website, official fanpage/ social media channels or posted on the Class Dojo Whole School Story site.


To keep you informed of your child’s learning and of the ongoing events in your child’s class and year group, we use ClassDojo. Your class teacher will regularly add pictures/videos or make comments about areas of learning in which your child is involved and developing within the classroom. It is a great way for you to see what activities are happening over the term. You will be alerted if your child receives a Dojo reward for displaying our School Values, detailed in our Aide Memoire. You can add your own comments on ClassDojo and upload photo evidence of your child doing activities at home. Parents will be asked to check ClassDojo on a regular basis. We encourage you to participate on this with your child.

SECONDARY: Parent Portal

The BVIS HUB on parent portal allows us to share events on a very regular basis. Please visit the BVIS website to read all about school events, trips, clubs, learning, sports, drama, music and more!


At BVIS Hanoi parents play a big part in their children’s learning journey. Visit our Parent Essentials page to stay up to date on everything from your child's term dates to our bus service.

Parent Essentials
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