Our safe and reliable bus service covers districts across Hanoi.

The school provides bus services to and from many districts. Children are accompanied by trained adults as monitors and they are there for the students safety and maintenance of a disciplined environment. The buses are fitted with seat belts and all staff and students are required to use them. School buses are not allowed to move until it has been checked that all children are wearing their seat belts. There is a bus monitor on each bus who has a mobile telephone in case of an emergency.

If you require further details about the school bus service, please contact the school office staff. Availability of the school bus service may be limited and is on a first come first served basis.

Bus Fees are revised annually – Please contact us for more information.

Bus Coordinator:

 – Ms. Tham: (024) 6266 8800 – Ext: 302

– Ms. Dien: (024) 6266 8800 – Ext: 301

Admissions department: (024) 6266 8800 – Ext: 888 – 889

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BVIS Bus Regulations

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At BVIS Hanoi parents play a big part in their children’s learning journey. Visit our Parent Essentials page to stay up to date on everything from your child's term dates to our bus service.

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