Unique in Switzerland, our fully bilingual international pre-school curriculum has been specifically designed for Collège Champittet students. Fun activities develop formative literacy, numeracy, and social skills, while hands-on learning sparks curiosity and creativity. Guided by our specialist teachers, your child will receive the best possible start to their education.
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At our international pre-school in Switzerland, our youngest children follow a blend of Swiss, French, and British curricula, which has been specifically designed by Champittet teachers for our students.

Delivered on our Pully campus – which is a warm, friendly, and exciting place to learn – our curriculum nurtures our pre-school children’s all-round growth through purposeful play, activities, and games. All our students learn in both English and French, and are taught by native speakers.

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We know that children learn best when they’re happy, stimulated, and engaged, which is why every day is packed with exciting, hands-on experiences. These include plenty of opportunities for experiential learning, both in and beyond the classroom.

Supported by our caring teachers and teaching assistants, your child will develop their motor and movement skills, use their imagination, and take control of their learning. A typical day for our youngest learners includes storytelling, reading, simple maths, art and design, as well as socialising, discussion and reasoning. 

In small class sizes, your child will receive the attention they need to flourish, too. Our teachers will identify their emerging strengths and talents and create a supportive environment where every success is celebrated



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At our Forest School your child will spend several hours each week learning in the great outdoors.

Our youngest students take part in activities – from identifying plants and bugs to singing songs about their surroundings – that add a fun, real-world element to learning.

Getting out in the fresh air inspires our pre-school children to exercise, explore, invent, initiate, and dream, as well as to concentrate, observe, marvel, listen, and work. Our Forest School also instils a love of new discoveries and an appreciation for the natural world.

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The fun doesn’t stop during school holidays at Collège Champittet. Designed for curious young explorers, our holiday camps combine creative workshops, music, dance, and cooking with swimming and lots of fun-filled multisport activities. We also enjoy some surprise trips off campus!
All weeks of holiday camps are free of charge for preschool students.


Extraordinary learning experiences are part of every student’s day. Here, your child will immerse themselves in awe-inspiring lessons, a variety of clubs and activities, and skill-boosting service opportunities.
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All smiles
A sea of smiling faces greets our pre-school teachers as our littlest learners arrive for class. The fun begins with circle time, which gives our children the opportunity to share news, talk about their feelings, and get excited for the day ahead.
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Young creatives
Hands-on artistic activities are so much fun! Our children love mixing colours, painting, sculpting, and crafting, developing their fine motor, creative, and cognitive skills in the process.
young creatives
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Forest School
It’s time to journey into the great outdoors. At our Forest School, your child will become an explorer, learning everything there is to know about animals and plants, as well as counting, drawing, and inventing stories. 
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Refuel, relax, and rest
After sitting down together for a healthy lunch, our pre-school children take a well-earned rest. A short nap keeps them active, learning, and playing all afternoon!
refuel, relax, and rest
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Off-campus adventures
Our youngest learners love making new discoveries – and trips off-campus are always an adventure. These include visits to the farm, where children meet the animals, learn about different habitats, and enjoy hands-on activities that stimulate the senses.
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Please note that the admission fee for preschool is free of charge.

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Inspired by our world-class teachers and engaged in the very best international curricula, your child will enjoy an outstanding global education that’s steeped in Swiss traditions, heritage, and standards.