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Our boarders love living on our spectacular Pully (Lausanne) Campus, which is nestled on the shore of Lake Geneva. Welcomed into our warm and caring family, your child will flourish personally, socially, and academically. Boarding with us also means friendships, outstanding academic support, and exciting activities are available every single day.
At our boarding school in Switzerland, your child will:
  • Live in a pristine house on our secure campus.
  • Make the most of our stunning lakeside location and outdoor facilities.
  • Benefit from Swiss standards of academic excellence.
  • Receive 24/7 care from our experienced team.
  • Make lifelong friends from around the world.
  • Explore Switzerland and beyond on memorable trips.
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Boarding School in Lausanne | Collège Champittet  - Feature Quote - Champittet
Boarding School in Lausanne | Collège Champittet  - Feature Quote - Champittet
What I love most about boarding at Champittet is the range of activities on offer. It’s so easy to make friends and we get great support from our teachers.

swiss excellence in a family environment

Boarding at Collège Champittet in Lausanne is a life-changing experience that offers a passport to a bright future.

Learning and living in our truly bilingual environment, your child will enjoy an outstanding international education rooted in Swiss traditions and culture. Our world-class teachers and caring Boarding House Team will equip them with the family values, sense of social purpose, and life skills they need to succeed, too.

Our students also enjoy exceptional activities, days out, and residential trips alongside friends from around the world. And in everything they do, every day, they receive the specialist attention and support they need to look after their health and wellbeing.

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hear from our students and parents

Our community of boarders and staff are like a family, cultivating an environment where every student feels safe, included, and inspired to excel.
Boarding School in Lausanne | Collège Champittet  - Feature Cards - Champittet
"I’ve made incredible connections and friendships in such a short time. The boarding parents helped me overcome my challenges and made me feel at home and very happy."
"We feel extremely lucky that our child was able to study and live at Collège Champittet. The school has given him a life-launching platform, laying the best foundations for his future."
Boarding School in Lausanne | Collège Champittet  - Feature Cards - Champittet
"I love that the school is so close to the lake and Lausanne. I can easily get to Geneva or Zurich by train, too."
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"My children are incredibly happy here. They’re cared for, well looked-after, and they receive an outstanding academic education."
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"My daughter is making extraordinary academic progress, as well as growing as a person. Living on campus, I believe, is accelerating her development."

a place where happy students thrive

Your child’s health, safety, and happiness are our priority. Our Boarding House Team are available around the clock, and we also have an on-site pastoral care team, nurse, and counsellor.

Our boarders enjoy a nutritious diet, form positive social relationships, and take part in regular physical activity, all essential elements of a healthy lifestyle. Set among verdant greenery, abundant trees, and just 200 metres from the lake, our unique location boosts physical and emotional wellbeing, too. 

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a typical day for our boarders

A balance of variety and routine ensures our boarders thrive. Here, every student’s day is filled with fun, friendships, and a breadth of extraordinary experiences.
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A healthy start
After a 7:00 am wake-up, a healthy breakfast in the school’s restaurant – Les Quatre Saisons – is the perfect way to start the day.
Boarding School in Lausanne | Collège Champittet  - Visual Time Line Image And Text - Champittet-dot arch Boarding School in Lausanne | Collège Champittet  - Visual Time Line Image And Text - Champittet-dot arch
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Experience academic excellence
It’s time to take the short walk to class. Joining our day students on the curriculum or diploma pathway of their choice, your child will shape their own academic journey to success.
the school day
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Exclusive experiences
As well as choosing from the myriad of activities on offer to our day students, our boarders enjoy exclusive activities like wakeboarding, sailing, and fitness sessions.
after-school activities
Working smart, working hard
Supervised group study periods give our boarders the time and space they need to delve deeper into important assignments, finish their homework, and prepare for exams. 
supervised study
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Relax and have fun
It’s time to do what you want! Whether that’s heading into Lausanne with friends, playing games in our communal living room, or enjoying some quiet reading, dedicated free time in the evenings and weekends unlocks a world of possibilities.
free time
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Lights out
After another packed day, our boarders head to their bedrooms for ‘lights out’. With the exception of our Grade 14 learners, students hand in their phones so that everyone enjoys a good night’s sleep.
night time

weekend activities and trips

Extraordinary evening and weekend activities enrich our boarding school experience – and give everyone the opportunity to do what they love and face new challenges.

Saturdays and Sundays are filled with fun, as students enjoy water sports, hiking, and mountain biking, as well as shopping trips into Lausanne, meals in local restaurants, and musical evenings. Older students travel to far-flung destinations in Asia and Africa during school breaks, while boarders of all ages embark on cultural, sporting, and leadership excursions in Italy and France, as well as across Switzerland.



Day or night, our Boarding House Team are here for our students. Whether it’s listening, offering advice, or helping them with their studies, our caring team will make sure your child feels supported and at home.
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Tiziana Patella
Boarding House Director
Tiziana joined Collège Champittet in 2021. She has more than 22 years of educational experience and is fluent in French, English, and Italian. As Boarding House Director, Tiziana helps our students to embrace the full Champittet experience. She’s also passionate about instilling strong values, including a respect for others, honesty, humility, humour, and an openness to difference.
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Michèle Bise
Deputy Head of Boarding
Michèle became our Deputy Head of Boarding in 2017, having previously spent more than 30 years working in a variety of industries both in Switzerland and Thailand. A strong believer in our core values of honesty, integrity, and respect, Michèle ensures our boarders grow as people and develop a strong moral compass, as well as achieve academic success. Michèle is fluent in English, French, and Thai.
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Guillaume Aebi
Boarding Manager
Guillaume joined us in 2019, becoming our Boarding Manager in 2021. He plays a vital role in the all-round care of our boarders, providing expert academic support, organising extra-curricular activities, and guiding each student through the challenges of everyday life. With a passion for outdoor activities, Guillaume loves taking our young people on exciting day and weekend trips across Switzerland.


  • What meals will my child eat?
    In the school restaurant, Les Quatre Saisons, our boarders enjoy healthy, freshly prepared breakfasts and dinners every day. Lunchtimes are spent with our day students.
  • Will my child get homesick?
    We know that every child is likely to miss their family at some point. It’s normal to feel homesick, but experience tells us this feeling usually subsides as our students get involved in school life. Our Boarding House Team will make sure your child is supported every step of the way.
  • Do you offer different boarding options?
    Yes, we offer two options: weekly boarding (five days) and full boarding (seven days).
  • How can I follow my child's progress?
    We’ll update you on your child’s progress through regular reports. You can also easily reach our team through a dedicated app. We can provide expert advice and guidance related to every aspect of our boarding experience, too, covering everything from visa permits to medical insurance.
  • Will my child have a roommate?
    Yes, our boarders typically share a room with one other student. We intentionally pair young people from different nationalities together, as this is a great way to broaden horizons and enhance cross-cultural learning.
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Our fees reflect the homely, familial environment we create for our students, as well as the unique activities and academic excellence we offer. Safe, supported, and with everything they need to fulfil their potential, boarding at Collège Champittet will set your child up for an outstanding future.


We’re delighted you’re considering our boarding school in Pully / Lausanne. Our admissions process is tailored to your family’s needs and schedule – and our dedicated team will help you every step of the way. 
  • Get in touch with us today – complete our short online registration form.
  • Visit our Pully (Lausanne) Campus in person – or book a virtual tour.
  • Your child can join us for a trial day to get a feel for our school.
  • Send us your application online.
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Download the Boarding Handbook

Boarding House Handbook 2023-2024.pdf (15 MB)

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Experience life on our Pully (Lausanne) Campus – and discover how your child will flourish in our closeknit boarding school family – by booking your tour today.