Extraordinary learning opportunities are part of every day life at Collège Champittet. Through extracurricular clubs, residential adventures, and innovative STEAM, arts, and service activities, your child will do what they love and discover new passions.

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Extracurricular activities are an integral part of the student experience at Collège Champittet. By balancing their studies with participation in sports teams, science clubs, the performing arts and more, our students develop a breadth of skills that set them up for success in the future.



We offer a wide range of clubs and activities, from sports and science to leadership and the arts.

Extracurricular activities include:
  • Year-round sports clubs and after-school athletics, such as dance, Taekwondo, yoga, self-defence, volleyball, basketball, and skiing.
  • Performing and fine arts, including theatre, music, singing, and studio art workshops.
  • Life-skills, such as entrepreneurship, gardening, and cooking.
  • Languages, including lessons in English, Chinese, and German.
  • Volunteering and outreach work, both locally and overseas, through the Collège Champittet Foundation.
  • Religious courses, including weekly classes, as well as Catechism sessions and lunch or evening lessons to prepare for the sacraments.
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our students discover the world

Your child will discover a lifelong love of adventure at Collège Champittet, as they embark on cultural, sporting, and service trips in Switzerland and across the world.
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Residential trips
Students of all ages discover the world on overnight trips that teach them about themselves and others, and give them a sense of independence.
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Residential trips

For many students, our residential trips are their highlight of the year. Both in Switzerland and abroad, your child will enjoy a variety of immersive overnight expeditions that add an exciting element to their education.

Our older day and boarding students travel the world on international adventures to Europe, Asia, and Africa. From conquering Mount Kilimanjaro to supporting Collège Champittet Foundation projects in Thailand and Madagascar, our students develop a sense of self, become increasingly independent, and learn to overcome challenges.

Trips to Europe include a spiritual retreat in Rome, the chance to delve into London’s history, and explorations of ancient Greece. Our location close to the French and Italian borders enables our boarding students to enjoy regular weekends away, too.

Extracurricular Activities and Trips | Collège Champittet  - Feature Cards - Champittet Trips expeditions
Local activities
There’s so much to see and do around our campuses, from evenings at the opera to adventures in the great outdoors.
Extracurricular Activities and Trips | Collège Champittet  - Feature Cards - Champittet Trips expeditions
Local activities

We organise a wide range of educational trips around Lausanne and Nyon. Each activity is carefully planned to broaden horizons and add a real-world perspective to your child’s learning.

These include pre-school visits to the farm, where our children harvest fruit, meet the animals, and learn all there is to know about local flora and fauna. Our younger learners also explore the beautiful UNESCO site of Lavaux, where they enjoy train rides, a forest walk, and spectacular landscapes.

On both our Pully and Nyon campuses, our Forest School immerses our children in the sights and sounds of our environment. They exercise, explore, invent, initiate, and dream, as they connect with nature and develop a host of transferable skills.

Older students visit the Lausanne synagogue as part of their religious culture programme, and learn about diplomacy, international relations, and decision-making at Model United Nations events around Europe. They also enjoy trips to local museums like Platform 10, which is a hub of European culture. 

Extracurricular Activities and Trips | Collège Champittet  - Feature Cards - Champittet Trips expeditions
Students of all ages and abilities head to the slopes on day and residential trips into the mountains.
Extracurricular Activities and Trips | Collège Champittet  - Feature Cards - Champittet Trips expeditions

Skiing is an important aspect of Swiss culture, and we encourage all our students to learn, hone their skills, and grow in confidence.

Every Wednesday, our Grade 5-11 students spend time sliding, slaloming, and speeding through the mountains. Our boarders make the most of winter weekends, too, hitting the slopes during the season.

We also organise an annual ski camp for students in Grades 7-11. Working with qualified instructors, our students ski and snowboard, throw themselves into team-building activities, and learn important life-skills, including how to cook.

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Extracurricular activities 2024-2025

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Inspired by our world-class teachers and the best international curricula, your child will enjoy an outstanding global education that’s steeped in Swiss traditions and standards.