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23 September, 2019

Meet our Teachers - Mrs Gray

Meet our Teachers - Mrs Gray Meet our Deputy Head of Lower Primary, Mrs Gray!

Meet our Deputy Head of Lower Primary, Mrs Gray!

Q: Hi Mrs Gray, you’ve been at Dover Court since long before your Lower Primary students were even born, when did you join the school?

A: I joined the school in 2010. I had just got married and left the UK, Singapore was our next great adventure.  That means that this is my 10th year at DCIS.  It is wonderful (and crazy) to think that my first Year 2 students at Dover Court will almost be at the end of their Secondary school experience.

Q: Why do you love being part of the Dover Court community?

Throughout the years, I have met hundreds of wonderful and inspiring students, parents and teachers. So many of them hold a special place in my heart, as they helped me become the teacher and person that I am today. I love that we have a history that we can be proud of and that we provide a truly inclusive community.

Q: You are our Deputy Head of Lower Primary, what are the best things about the Early Years?

A: When you are 4 years old, every day is a new adventure and there is wonder to behold in EVERYTHING.  There are so many things to learn and experience.  I wish I could bottle an EYFS students' love of life up and sell it - I think I would make a fortune. Watch out Bill Gates! 

Q: We know that you have a gorgeous little boy, do you think being a mum has changed you as a teacher?

A: I often wonder that and then I think, has being a teacher changed me as a Mum? I think I am probably a lot more understanding about the demands of how busy family life can be and the constant pressure as a parent to always be doing the best for your child.  It has taken me time to realise that we all do the best we can with what we have and we need to be a lot kinder to ourselves! (PS Thank you - I think he is gorgeous too but I am very biaised!)

Q: At Dover Court we love celebrating our diversity, both in everyday life but also through bigger events. Do you have a favourite DCIS celebration?

A: Three years ago, at 40 weeks pregnant I helped lead UN Day. For a short period the speakers weren't working, no-one wanted to tell me in case it sent me into labour.  Mr Short did make me promise if the baby was born on UN Day, I would have to call him Dover.  Luckily he wasn't and 4 days later, Elijah was born. With that in mind, I have to say my all time favourite celebration is definitely UN Day.  There is something very special about seeing all of the Dover Court community proudly representing their home countries.