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10 January, 2020

Dover Court Receives CIS Accreditation

Dover Court Receives CIS Accreditation We are very proud to announce that we have been accredited by CIS (Council of International Schools).

We are very proud to announce that we have been accredited by CIS (Council of International Schools).


CIS is recognised as a leader in the field of school evaluation and accreditation worldwide, they provide a unique international accreditation with a focus on the development of students as global citizens. The quality and rigour of CIS International Accreditation is recognized by ministries, departments of education, and universities around the world as demonstration of a school’s commitment to high quality international education and as a mark of quality assurance.
The CIS accreditation visit in November 2019 marked the end of an 18-month process which has involved all members of our community, we received some lovely comments from the Evaluation Team which are summarised below:  
The Evaluation Team found DCIS to be a joyful, safe, and warm learning environment full of people who are proud of their community. The genuineness of this was evident within all areas of the school, including the senior leadership team, teachers, parents, and students alike. The staff is enthusiastic and clearly committed to learning and the overall welfare of the child. The school's dedication to the well-being of all students is clearly evident in the range and quality of academic and extracurricular activities offered. The culture of respect seen throughout the school was reinforced in the attitudes of parents, staff, and students alike.
DCIS is a mission-driven school. High-quality teaching and learning that meets the needs of all students is clearly evident. To complement academic challenge, they celebrate diversity and promote social responsibility in and out of the classroom. Global citizenship and intercultural awareness are evident at DCIS. This is enhanced by the cultural diversity of the students and supported by the NAE global family. Providing a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment allows students and staff the opportunity to reach their full potential. Additionally, they encourage everyone to develop the key characteristics of the vision. DCIS’s vision is displayed widely around the school and is encapsulated in the school ethos. Due to its infancy, it is yet to be fully embedded within all facets of school; however, the Evaluation Team observed a willingness for this to happen and shared ownership by staff and students for its development. 
The Evaluation Team leaves inspired by the ongoing commitment to learning, the genuineness of its caring culture, and its focus on providing the best possible school for its students.
Many thanks to parents who supported the process through responding to the community survey or meeting with the Evaluation Team. We have always been proud of DCIS and our impact on education in Singapore over the last 50 years. It is important, however, that we do have an external verification of this and we are therefore very proud to join a relatively small group of schools accredited by one of the major accreditation bodies.