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02 October, 2020

Dover Court Alumni Story - Mrs Yoshida

Dover Court Alumni Story - Mrs Yoshida Meet Mrs Yoshida, a former Dover Court student and now also a DCIS parent!

Meet Mrs Yoshida, a former Dover Court student and now also a DCIS parent!

Q: Hi Mrs Yoshida, when were you at Dover Court and how long were you here for?

A: I joined Dover Court in 1982 and was a student for a total of two years.

Q: How do you think your time at Dover Court impacted your life?

A: Being in an international environment and spending my days studying, playing, eating together with my classmates from different countries is something that has had a great impact on my life.  It was normal for me to have friends with different accents and backgrounds,  it made me who I am today, seeing people for who they are, with no racial discrimination and prejudices. 

Q: What has changed about Dover Court?

A: We were at the same campus, and the original school buildings are still here, but we didn’t have much in the way of school playgrounds or facilities back then, so that is a great change I see. 

Q: What has not changed?

A: It still has a very international atmosphere and as a parent I particularly enjoy UN Day, with all different traditional attire children are wearing.  It brings me back my old memories.  I love seeing costumes  I’ve never seen before and it is simply beautiful and amazing!

Q: You are now a Dover Court parent, what made you choose Dover Court for your son?

A: I have such good memories from my time here and I wanted him to feel and grow in an international environment to learn harmony among races and nationalities.

Q: Are you in touch with any school friends from Dover Court?

A: Unfortunately not, however I’d love to reach them through your alumni programme!

Q: What are your strongest memories?

A:  The cafeteria lady made the best pancakes and we stood in the longest line for that! The drama performance is also a strong memory. I still remember how my mom prepared a beautiful shiny blue princess dress for me to wear on an actual day of the performance.  Me and my best friend were princesses in the play. It's the small things!