03 April, 2023

Dover Court performing arts education with The Juilliard School of Music

Dover Court performing arts education with The Juilliard School of Music   - Dover Court performing arts education with The Juilliard School of Music
Delivering an excellent performing arts education with Juilliard for Doverians
We were pleased to welcome Stephen Dunn, Nord Anglia The Juilliard curriculum music specialist from New York, to our campus on 23 March 2023 to ignite the love of music in our students.

He supported our Primary and Secondary music departments over his two days here to observe our teaching practice and to work with some classes to explore different Juilliard teaching approaches.

The performing arts are creative keys that can unlock your child’s imagination and significantly transform their education.

In Year 4, Stephen taught a session with a twinned music class to explore the concept of ostinato repeating patterns in music further. Our students enjoyed exploring patterns using keyboard and tuned percussion instruments, working as composers to develop musical ideas from a master work, the Rite of Spring, by Stravinsky.

In our Year 5 and 6 choir activity, students sang a Lewis Capaldi song, "Someone to love" together with Stephen and shed some light on text and how to communicate meaning and emotion through song with the class.

"Working on repertoire for the Summer concert, he gave excellent insights into orchestral playing from his own experience as a professional musician. The students from Orchestra CCA were highly engaged and look forward to applying what they learnt in their next rehearsal." said Emma Jones, Secondary Music Specialist Teacher.

“I've been working virtually with the music team for a couple of years and this is my first year here to Dover Court and to Singapore. Everyone specially from the team of music teachers, it has been a pleasure working with students in the primary and secondary, observing lots of different classes and getting to teach some of the classes.” said Stephen Dunn, Juilliard-Nord Anglia Performing Arts Programme Curriculum Specialist.

“I've worked with the Primary Choir and Secondary Orchestra. The school is making some great strides in the collaborate with the Juilliard school, I’m excited to continue some conversations with the music team and to come back and visit at some point next year.” said Stephen.

The two days spent in the music department were a fun and educational time and much was learned by all who experienced the sessions. We look forward to welcoming him back to Dover Court in the future.

Primary and Secondary Music Team

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