08 July, 2024

Dover Court Alumni Story - Mihika, Class of 2022

Dover Court Alumni Story Mihika Class of 2022 - Dover Court Alumni Story Mihika Class of 2022

Q. Hi Mihika, you graduated from Dover Court International School in Singapore in 2022; where are you now, and what course are you studying?
I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s of Kinesiology + Master of Management Dual Degree program at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada. In the future, I plan to go into sports management.

Q. How is life at university?
Uni life is great! Vancouver is absolutely beautiful, and I’ve been hiking and enjoying the nature here. I also love the freedom of being able to explore different courses and finding your passions. UBC is a very big school, with a lot of clubs and activities, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy here. I am also really enjoying my course content, and the professors here are really great!

Q. How did your years at DCIS prepare you for your next steps?
The close-knit community of DCIS is what I definitely valued the most. It made me very appreciative of the people around me, and the support I received from my peers and teachers around me. This has made me more confident now in actively reaching out to professors and establishing a relationship with them at university. I also valued my time at DCIS due to the leadership positions I was able to take on, such as co-head service committee, basketball team captain, House captain, etc. This has made me realise my passion for leadership, now being actively involved in my community at UBC, where I am the VP External of Women in Sports committee and coordinator for the Kinesiology Undergraduate Society.

Q. Why would you recommend studying the IB Diploma Programme at DCIS?
One of the most valuable things about my experience with the IBDP is that it has shaped me into becoming a global thinker, and it has made me a more open-minded individual. This has benefited me both at UBC, in a university with a big international population, as well as in the working world, where I am confident interacting with people from all walks of life. A big reason why I chose the IBDP at DCIS was because DCIS offered a wide range of IB courses that many other schools did not. I was also very drawn to the fact that DCIS has a good student - teacher ratio. Given how demanding the course could be at times, I really appreciated the one-on-one/individualised support that the teachers gave me.