The Dover Court International School's catering partner is Singapore-based Mycelium Catering. Mycelium Catering is a rapidly growing school canteen services provider, with a portfolio including other international schools, restaurants, acclaimed children’s cooking programmes and food & beverage consultancies.
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Mycelium Catering is the industrial catering arm of The Emmanuel Stroobant Group. A veteran food provider for over 20 years in the food and beverage industry, with vast experience spans across various genres, from fine-dining Michelin-starred restaurants, casual eateries to catering and consultancy services.

Mycelium Catering is passionate about the food served at school canteens, and the DCIS menu has been carefully designed by the team to provide students with a complete and nutritionally balanced meal to encourage healthier eating habits. The menu for the DCIS community is freshly prepared in our on-site kitchen.


What food options will Mycelium provide?

Mycelium Catering and DCIS are committed to heathy eating habits for all our students. The meal plans include a wide variety of options for all tastes and follow UK Government healthy eating guidelines. There will be daily choices of Western, Asian, Vegetarian and allergy friendly options, as well as grab-and-go snacks that are baked in-house. All food supplied on site will be nut free as per school policy and special allergen menus are available for pre-order. There will be no pork or lard used within any meals.

The meals are served in sustainable and reusable packaging and Mycelium Catering is moving away from having open trays of food, this will allow for better portion control and less food waste.

Mycelium Catering also offer café items from both the Canteen and Red Dot Restaurant - serving great coffee, fresh juices, sandwiches, salads and other staples all day long.

Mycelium Catering can be contacted by email using the following address:

To register your interest in the catering service, please complete and sign the form below and submit it to Mycelium Catering by email

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DCIS Lunch Menu April - June 2024

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DCIS Parents Guide to Order

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DCIS Catering Service Request Form

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