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Tanzania LIVE:

10 February 2014

Read the regular updates from our Tanzania Expedition.

  • BISB camp in Tanzania
  • Tanzania expedition
  • British International School Bratislava students on Safari
  • Painting the Maua School
  • BISB Expedition in Tanzania

9th February 

The trip to Zanzibar was absolutely amazing. Right from the beginning when we used tiny propeller planes (in which 14 people including the pilot fit into) to get to our destination, to seeing dolphins playing in their natural habitats, and to going to an exotic spice market and getting to taste various new flavours.  Once we arrived, we each got an ice mango smoothie and then we had the rest of the afternoon off to spend our time exploring and swimming in the infinity pool and the beach.  The next day we were extremely lucky to get to see dolphins on the dolphin safari and some people even got to swim with them! We also got to see beautiful corals while snorkelling and then went to a forest and saw monkeys. On the third day we went to a spice market where we tried many different spices and learned about their uses, special crowns and necklaces which were made out of leaves were also given to us. On the final day of our trip to Zanzibar we went to Stone Town where we learned about the slave markets and life for the African slaves. The whole trip was a wonderful experience from which I learned a lot.

By Hoda Jahanpour


8th February
Yesterday, we went back to Maua school for the last time. While we were there, we played some games with the classes we were assigned to teach. We also brought in postcards from our own country and wrote a letter to the school. After an emotional goodbye, we got on the bus back to the camp and had lunch. After lunch, we got into our school groups and organised a presentation about what we did and have learnt in Tanzania. We presented these after dinner and went to bed quite late, which was strange as some schools had a very early start the next morning. It was quite a sad night because it was the last night we spent in Tanzania.

By Lauren


7th February

Over the last 2 days Melissa and Miss Williams have been off on safari in Tanzania. We've seen so many different animals; including Giraffes (Miss Williams' favourite), about two hundred elephants, Zebras, Warthogs, Cheetahs, Buffalo, Wildebeest, Hyenas and a pride of 13 Lions feasting on their recently killed Buffalo. When the Lions had eaten enough they came over to lie down in the shade of our jeeps, so they were less than a metre away from us!! Amazing!


5th February

Today we went again to the Maua school, but instead of painting the classrooms, today, I taught the kids. This was one of the best experiences of my life, if not, the BEST one. We started with spelling making the kids, who were aged from 5 to 6, repeat the words and the different sounds in them, for maths, we made them do simple additions and subtractions using little dinosaur drawing and for reading we acted out “The Three Little Pigs” using puppets that we had made. At the end of the school day I was actually really proud because we made the kids smile, we made them laugh, and we also taught them something, we made them learn new things. During the different lessons, I made friends with the cutest little girl in the whole entire world, she was really quick at learning new things, alphabet, addition, subtraction and she was always smiling at you, no matter what you did. During lunch time, I went with her to grab her lunch, and since they don’t have a proper kitchen, they put a whole box of “cleaned” plates outside so that the kids would take them and then get into the line and get their lunch. When we went to find a spot for her to eat in, we noticed a whole bunch of kids eating on the floor, using their hands because they had no knives and forks. There is so much to do, and we have so little time. I’m planning to do something more when I’ll go back to Bratislava, to fundraise a bit more, because the people, the kids, the Maua school really needs it. I think we’ve done a great job so far, but this was only the beginning.



4th February

Today we went to Maua Primary school and half of us painted/renovated the school while the other half taught some of the children from the school.  I was involved in teaching Class 2. This was a group of about 45 students aged 8 to 9. When we arrived at the school we were greeted by the smiling faces of the children standing outside of their school waiting to sing their daily routine of the Tanzania national anthem, then the Africa national anthem and finally the Maua School national anthem. The children were all so happy and smiley! Whenever we did some activity/game where we had to sit on the ground, they would all crowd round and sit on our laps, holding our hands. It was such a great experience seeing what they had and how happy they were with it and it really made us all think about how we take everything for granted, making us appreciate what we have a whole lot more.

By Melissa


2nd February

Well we've made it all the way to Tanzania at last. It took us about 20 hours altogether but we're finally here. The camp is absolutely beautiful and we're already having a fantastic time!

Today we had an Africa Day and took part in lots of traditional African activities. We made beaded bracelets, learnt Swahili and did some African dancing. We also ate Plantain for lunch, which looks like Banana but tastes like Cauliflower.

Tomorrow Hoda is going off to explore Zanzibar, whilst the rest of us go to Maua School to teach and renovate the buildings.

We better get an early night tonight to make sure we're all up for the challenge!


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