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    We just launched our very first BISB cookbook made by our wonderful PTA.


Year 3 Exploring Forces

Year 3 have had lots of fun exploring forces. We have learnt that magnets have two poles - a south and a north and that opposite poles attract (or stick together) while similar poles repel (push away). We explored magnetic and non-magnetic materials and found out that not all metals are magnetic! We then carried out several fair tests to find out which magnet was the strongest. 

  • Exploring forces
  • Exploring forces
  • Exploring forces
  • Exploring forces
  • Exploring forces
  • Exploring forces
  • Exploring forces
  • Exploring forces
  • Exploring forces
  • Exploring forces

We also learnt about friction.  We explored the time and distance that a toy car or toy train could travel on different surfaces.  We learnt that bumpy or rough surfaces had more friction so slowed the object down quicker, but slippery, smooth surfaces had less friction so the object could travel faster and further!