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Creative Writing Competition Winners

18 February 2016

On Monday 15th February we saw the certificates being awarded to the Global Campus Creative Writing Competition Finalists and Highly Commended winners.  The children had to produce a piece of writing with the theme of “Be Ambitious’.  There was a limit of 500 words but there was no limit to the genre.  We have been really impressed with the standard of the children’s writing and we will publish some of them in the newsletter over the coming weeks.  Congratulations to the finalists:  Ilay Arbiv 5A, Simon Mateas 5A, Ivan Krivodsudsky 5B, Minho Ha 5B, Toby Marriott 6A.
Also, big congratulations to the children who achieved a Highly Commended certificate Lenka Cernicka 6B, Adel Harmati 5A, Josephine Felappi 5A, Sae Kyeol Park 5C and Tibor Zganjer 5B.

  • Creative Writing
  • Creative Writing

Toby Marriot
Life is a Story

Life is a story; it has a beginning middle and end,
Your story will contain problems but those problems you can amend.

Your story starts as a child, when you don’t have a voice,
Your parents do the nurturing,
But later you’ll have the choice.

A story comes in genres,
It’s your choice to make, you could be shy, scared or ambitious and happiness depends on which you take.

In the middle of your story there is not just one path to take,
Live your OWN dreams; you’re not a lemming for goodness sake!

Every story has ups and downs,
Don’t be tempted to sit on the fence,
Grasp the nettle, be bold and brave, undefeated by turbulence.

Your story contains wonders,
More than anything you could dream; only you have to step out of your circle for those wonders to be seen.
Your story has a villain,
And I’m afraid that villain is fate,

Your villain strikes at unexpected times, Sometimes early, sometimes late.
Your story will be sad; these times will be bad,
But there’s only one thing to do, you have to show resilience and courage, and that way you’ll get through.

In your story, live your dreams don’t let your circumstances be a limit. You can make the change you need if you keep an adventurous spirit.
You have control over your story, and on that your happiness depends,
Always believe in yourself, be ambitious until your story ends.

Ilay Arbiv
All for daddy 

It all started when my father died. I was only 7 years old when it happened. My father was a great man and he will be missed; I’d do anything to bring him back to life. 
My name is James and I’m 18 years old now. Today I graduated from school, but that wasn’t such a great event for me. As you might imagine all my friends’ parents were there but mine weren’t. Dad is gone and mum is not capable of doing anything but looking at dad’s picture and crying all day long. I wish I could bring my dad back. I miss him so much…
So I decided to build a time machine! For that I needed to get better at Maths, Science and Art first, but as I said, I’d do anything to achieve my main goal – Bring back my dad. I worked really hard and managed to improve in a short time. Then I turned to my science teacher, Dr. Brown, and asked if he could help me to build it. Dr. Brown hesitated in the beginning, but my strong will convinced him. We worked on it every day from morning till night and eventually it was done. We managed to build a time machine!! We agreed to test it together the next morning and I went home satisfied and anxious.
Next morning when I returned to the laboratory, I was shocked to find out the time machine wasn’t there. I called Dr. Brown but he didn’t answer. Who could have done it? Who would have taken the time machine?? Had it been stolen??? I was worried and mad at the same time, a burning feeling in my gut; I felt like a thief had just stolen my dad from me as well as the time machine. I was so enraged I wanted to wreck the entire laboratory, but then I decided I wouldn’t let anything or anyone to distract me. I should focus on my main mission – bringing back my dad! I needed to find Dr. Brown. HE would have the answers.
I went to the first place he could have been in, his home. The door was open so I got in very quietly and heard Dr. Brown saying: 
 “Oh, I can’t wait to try out that time machine” and, just like that, he turned it on!
 “That stupid kid thought I would help him, HAHAHAHAHA!!!” 
I’d heard enough of him, so I decided to shout back.
“And I can’t wait till you go to jail!!” I screamed at him, “How could you take away my only chance to see my dad?!!”
Unfortunately, Dr. Brown was expecting me. He had probably had a plan to get rid of me by sending me back in time…but he didn’t expect the cops.
Luckily, I had called them to report the missing time machine and mentioned Dr. Brown. They had checked on him and found out that he had a record of stealing new inventions.
They caught Dr. Brown and handcuffed him.
Then one of the police officers started crying. “Why are you crying?” I asked. 
“It’s me, James,” he said. “Daddy.”.
 “Dad!” … I couldn’t believe it - I had brought back my dad against all chances! I had done it!!