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poetry slam

House Poetry Slams

To celebrate National Poetry Day, KS3 pupils took part in a poetry slam.

Each year group selected the best performance poets in their houses who then displayed their talents as poets and performers. The theme this year was ‘Choices’ and there were some truly inspirational poems and top - class performances. Well done to all our slam poets! 

YEAR 7 results:

1st place - Ioannis R.

2nd place - Lalrinpuii L.

3rd place - Teo E.

House order 

1st Wind

2nd Earth

3rd Water

4th Fire


YEAR 8 results:

1st: Marcel M.

2nd: Sara K.

3rd: Woojin Y.

House order

1st: Earth

2nd: Water

3rd: Fire

4th: Wind


YEAR 9 results:

1st - Jasmine O.

2nd - Melissa X.

3rd - Anastasia G.

House order

1st Wind

2nd Water

3rd Earth

4th Fire



Choices, choices

Something some of us despise

Thinking whether to follow our voices

Or to follow what our heart would advise


You’re at a point

Where you have to make a decision

Do you see more viewpoints?

Do you see new visions?


This is for the people who are like me

Who are indecisive

But try to see

If the choice they make will cause a crisis


You could say there are 2 choices

Yes or No, Left or Right

There are no other voices

That’s the answer, no reason to fight


Is that what you think?

Are you sure?

You don’t want to rethink?

So you’re assured?


Jeez you’re boring

Only 2 options?

Your choices are soaring

No point in making presumptions


Of whether it’s right or wrong

Because there is no such thing

Just carry on walking along

And come back with stings


Because they will prove

That you took a risk

And that you continued to move

With your personality, that’s now brisk


So let’s say,


You could decide to turn left

And become successful

Be the top, be the best

But you’re always stressful


You could turn right

And always be thrilled

Your finances aren’t bright

But you’re definitely skilled


But you have a talent

You have a life

Unlike the rich, you’re gallant

And you always ambitiously strive


So one day,

When the timing’s right

You make your way

To great heights


You climbed from the ditch

to the peak

so now you know, which

Won't make you seem weak


These options aren’t bad,

They were just examples,

So don’t get mad

Let me say it at different angles


Instead of going left or right

Instead of saying yes or no

Instead of wanting to fight

And instead of wanting to always know


You could be ambitious

And instead of choosing one direction

Instead of being suspicious

Just choose the one that seems like perfection


Make sure you make good choices

Because you could aim for the wrong ambition

While listening to your voices

And make the wrong decision


Like Kanye West

Who made a mistake

He said Beyoncé was best

And that made Swift break


Or like bitter Mr. Chauvin

Who prevented George Floyd to use his voice

Was that his plan?

Was that his choice?


Malala is a paragon

Of how to make good decisions

To the good choices she was drawn

And changed the unfair conditions


You don’t need to be a president

Or a celebrity

To be able to prevent

The thoughts when you thought selfishly


Everyone makes a mistake

But they grow from it

Everyone’s life is at stake

But they go for it


Everyone’s heart shatters

Their heart is a glass rose

Everyone’s feeling matters

If that is the path they chose


There is no right choice

So which direction do you choose?

Just follow your voice

Every decision will leave you with a bruise


So in the end

There’s no reason to fight

To whether go left

Or whether go right


Or to, you know, take a risk.

Year 9 winner, Jasmine O.



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