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Why has this photo been chosen?

This is a sad photo, can you take a science photo that makes you happy?

Humans have adapted the world we live in to make it more comfortable for us to work and play and study.  Electric lights enable us to work or read when it is dark outside.  Air conditioning units mean we can work harder while sweating less when we live in warm countries.

This comes at a price, however.  The production of electricity currently requires us to burn fossil fuels, and this is leading to irreversible climate change.  When I see an empty room, with lights on and air conditioners running it makes me sad.

Extra information

On 30th November the two-week Paris Climate Change Conference will begin.  People all around the world are marching to encourage their governments to BE AMBITIOUS with solutions to slow down or stop climate change.

Science can help in developing clean forms of energy.  Governments can help by working together to protect the future of our planet.  We can all help by turning off lights and air conditioners when they are not being used.

BIS Science photographer 2015

Let take a photo of a scientific image that inspires you!

- Prepare description: Who are you? Why did you take the photo? What does the photo mean to you? (Maximum 100 words.)
- Give your photograph and description electronically to a science teacher by Thursday 26th November
- USB stick, shared on the google drive or emailed

The top photographs will be enlarged, printed, framed and hung in the BIS science department. The top photographer will receive their photograph printed and framed!

Kate Phillips, Science Teacher