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BIS Science Photographer 2015

04 December 2015

Thank you to everyone that entered the

BIS Science photographer 2015 competition

. Look out in the science department corridor and classrooms for these winning photos.

1. Nguyen Ngoc Hanh Tien 11S

These are eggs of Harlequin Frog engulfed in a foam nest clinging to slender foliage. When the eggs hatch, tadpoles fall to the pond beneath where they mature.

The nest shows the resilient struggle of organisms within their trophic level. Physically, the foam is too vulnerable. However, I’m touched by the contrast – the approaching daylight, the retreating shadows and the egg bun on the brink. Regardless of vulnerability, another day’s coming, and the egg bun lives on. It’s morality from Science – no matter how weary you feel, keep devoting your best – everything passes, another day comes, and we’ll live on.

Science Photographer British International school hanoi

2. Phuong Linh 11S

I'm Phuong Linh from 11S. I took this photo for the science competition because i think it is something we encounter everyday but not many of us perceive how amazing it is. Whether you're taking a bath, swimming or washing the dishes, if your hands are immersed in water for more than 10 minutes, they will appear looking like raisins. Scientists believe that being in the water long enough will trigger your nervous system to alter the shape of your skin: to make it pucker. And puckered skin improves our grip in water. This is amazing, our body alters to help us adapt to the environment even if it is just temporary.

BIS Hanoi Science Photographer 1

3. Sue and Eun Ji 9B

We are 9B Sue and Eun ji. We choose this photo because we have 2 important facts we think. Firstly, electricity is the most useful invention we’ve figured out. Also the night views which many people enjoy use electricity for the lights. Secondly, one of the biggest movements that the Earth does is rotation. The Earth rotates; the night and the morning appear. The evening glow gives the biggest evidence of rotating. This meant to us that this sunset stays for only 30 minutes and this sunset is the last sunset of today.

BIS Hanoi Science Photographer 2

4. Ha Quoc Huy 12S

What amazes me the most whenever my dog snatches his frisbee from the air is neither his timing, precision or even his Physics A level calculations of moving projectiles.It is the passion and energy that he does so with.

BIS Hanoi Science Photographer 3

5. DO Anh Quan 9S

One of the retro ways of entertaining in the olden days and is still popular for only one purpose , to show off . It is the one and only, stone skipping. Stone skipping is a very simple game, all you need to do is throw a medium (better if flat) stone across the water surface and see how many times it bounces off the surface before sinking, but in a scientist eyes this is a process of complexity.
This game involves gravitational pull, friction and air resistance. In life, science brings to you wonderful technology and it will start from the root first, something small, simple that you may think that is easy and then use the concept to make something that’s phenomenal. The same goes with this game, you just think about it, flat rock (streamline shape) will have lesser air resistance and lesser air resistance will allow the object to travel quicker.

This game might have been the inspiration for scientists to make the first streamlined vehicle.

BIS Hanoi Science Photographer 5

Secondary Science Department