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The whole Primary School enjoyed Pi day

20 March 2015

Last Saturday was World Pi Day and this one was a particularly special calendar date,  as you will see in a moment.

  • BVIS Hanoi Pi Day (4)
  • BVIS Hanoi Pi Day (5)
  • BVIS Hanoi Pi Day (3)
  • BVIS Hanoi Pi Day (2)
  • BVIS Hanoi Pi Day (1)

Pi, or the Greek symbol π, is a number found when you divide the circumference of a circle, the distance around the edge, with the diameter of a circle, the distance across its middle. The resulting number is just over 3 and its first digits are 3.1415, hence March 14th 2015 or 31415 being a special date. The digits go on and on with no pattern.  π has been calculated to well over a million decimal places and still there is no pattern to the digits! Over the next 2 weeks, our children have been challenged to remember the highest number of digits of Pi and then recite them in a House competition. So far a Year 4 child is leading with over 200 digits, the sequence starts 3.14159265358979323846… and it goes on.

This competition was launched on Monday when the whole Primary School enjoyed Pi day. There were mathematical challenges set in all classes, a maths trail around school where children followed clues and answered mathematical questions to complete it and the different year groups also created mathematical art work. Y1 and Y2 based their work on that of Mondrian using geometric shapes, lines and colour.  Y3 and Y4 used Kandinsky showing perfect symmetry of a circle using chalk pastels. Finally, Y5 and 6 were inspired by Escher, a graphic artist who used shape, pattern, tessellation and reflection with pencil and ink. These will be displayed around school when complete; they look amazing.