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Community: Saigon House's Trip to Blue Dragon Foundation

28 January 2016

The students at BVIS have again showed how they care about our community and during the Christmas Market raised over 14 million VND which we have used to buy gifts for the Blue Dragon children for the Tet holiday.

  • Community: Saigon House’s Trip to Blue Dragon Foundation
  • Blue Dragon Foundation logo
  • BVIS visit Blue Dragon Foundation (2)

A few of our students from Saigon House were lucky to go on a trip to visit ‘Dragon House’ the base of the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation.  It was wonderful to see the fantastic work the volunteers are doing to help the children who have no home and are living rough on the streets in Hanoi or who have fallen prey to child trafficking.  The students at BVIS have again showed how they care about our community and during the Christmas Market raised over 14 million VND which we have used to buy gifts for the Blue Dragon children for the Tet holiday.

Here are some of the comments from our students

Blue Dragon is a very useful charity. A great number of street children in Hanoi have been supported by them. Blue Dragon provides street children with education, food, hygiene and entertainment. What they have done is very meaningful. After the visit, I think I’m much luckier than others as lots of children still need help. Thus, we should do as much as we can for our community as our small action can make a big difference.

Minh Hạnh – 7V

Our trip to Blue Dragon House was great. The children there are really confident. They talked to us even though we’re strangers. Ms. Kim Miller is really special too. She was showing us everywhere. She was very enthusiastic. She kept asking us if we had any questions. Ms. Kim is like a mother of more than 500 children. They love her very much. We are glad that BVIS can help them.

Diệu Linh – 7B

On Thursday, Saigon team had a visit to Blue Dragon House. This is a community that helps poor or disadvantaged children. I was excited about the trip. When we got there the building was much bigger and larger than we thought. Ms. Kim, a Blue Dragon officer, showed us all around the house which has everything, e.g. gym, library, ICT department and chill room. That made me overjoyed because homeless children now have everything they need. Some of the children are very friendly and they have lots of talents. A few of them even performed a hip hop dance to all of us.  That was a very helpful trip and fun too.

Thiệu Bảo – 7B

On Thursday (21/1/2016), I had the trip to Blue Dragon House. I was very happy about it. When I came there, the first person that I saw was Ms. Kim (Blue Dragon officer). She welcomed all of us and said “hello!” to everybody. We took a picture with Ms. Kim. Next, we went to the playground where people can play. We also went to the multi-function room and saw some people wrapping jackfruit to get ready for the Tet party tomorrow. After that, we went to the kitchen and saw some people cooking for dinner. Next, we went to the library. We saw some people reading book while others doing their homework or playing video games on computers. Then, we went to Ms. Kim’s office. We saw many people working very hard. After that, we went to the resource room where people kept their gifts for the children.  Next, we went to the legal room where people teach about good things like helping others and not follow bad things like stealing money. Then, we went to the gym and fitness room where people need to stay healthier and stronger. After that, we went to the terrace and saw many trees made by the children at Blue Dragon. We were introduced to one more terrace where we could see every house near Blue Dragon. Then we came back to the playground and had a fun party. We saw a boy dancing hip hop. He was very good at hip hop. Finally, we said “good bye!” to Ms. Kim and Blue Dragon House and came on the bus. On the bus, I memorized the Blue Dragon House and wonderful things about this trip. I wish I could come to Blue Dragon House one more time. I told my friends about the trip and they replied, “Oh! I wish I could come to Blue Dragon House!” while another said, “I was very happy about the trip. Through this trip, I have learnt a lot about poor people. I love them and I think I will meet them in the future and share many things of my life with them.”

Văn Nguyên – 8V

I really enjoyed our visit to Blue Dragon House. Blue Dragon is a well-known charity in Hanoi which is covered with full of love from Ms. Kim for the poor and disadvantaged children. Ms. Kim is a person of great generosity and compassion towards children. She founded this charity in Hanoi and equipped Blue Dragon House with all necessary facilities for the kitchen, the library, the living room, the office, the gym, etc. All are kept clean and tidy. After the visit, I can now understand more about the life of underprivileged children. More importantly, I have now realized that not everyone is lucky enough to live in a happy family with love and care from the parents. Children here used to suffer from poverty and a lack of decent living conditions; many of them even had to sleep overnight under Long Bien Bridge. How can they survive the extremely cold winter when all they have is a light shirt? I know I’m much luckier than many other children. I need to appreciate my life with lots of beautiful things ahead. When saying goodbye to the children in Blue Dragon to return to school, I noticed a girl with a teddy bear in her hand running towards Ms. Kim and giving her a loving cuddle. At that moment, I realized that the most important thing in this life is to give what we have to others and in return, we will receive the most precious gift of all, which is love!

Khánh Linh – 8B

It was a pleasure to take our students on this trip and they again showed the attributes that we look for in our Aide Memoire like RESPECT and CARING to the children of Dragon House.  ENQUIRY, by asking questions why some children need help and what the foundation and we can do to help.  Last but not least REFLECTION, you can see from the wonderful comments by our students that they are growing into wonderful young people who are a credit to our school.

Mr Kevin Halpin - Community Service Officer