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Mr Nicholas West Weekly Update 4/3/2016

04 March 2016

Next week is all about celebrating language, be it Vietnamese, English, Korean or any other language spoken around the world.

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  • You have eyes in the back of your head

Most of our articles are looking back on events in the past but this week we really want to draw your attention to the exciting week ahead across the whole school. All of Primary and Secondary will be joining together in planned activities during lessons, throughout breaks and lunch times and even during some of the ECAs. Next week is all about celebrating language, be it Vietnamese, English, Korean or any other language spoken around the world. Internationalism and being internationally minded is about understanding what makes other people their own individual. One characteristic that is often different from one person to another, one culture to another, is their language. This is not always just how they say and understand words, but also how their language is used.

What one person says and thinks is not always what the other person says and thinks, even if they use the same kind of words. This is all part of understanding cultures, people and language. Learning bilingually has so many positive effects on children’s learning and it is why we place such a high value on doing this effectively. Learning about other cultures and language in our ‘Language Celebration Week’ will only add to the children’s enjoyment and love of language that will greatly benefit them in future life.

One thing that is used in the English language that sometimes makes it difficult to follow is the use of idioms. All around the school this week, to spark the children’s interest for next week, are different pictures representing different idioms used in England. We won’t say too much as it is a competition but on my door is a picture of a head with eyes facing out of the back. It is a particularly appropriate idiom in a school as it is often used to describe a trait that a teacher needs to possess. The figurative idiom is ‘You have eyes in the back of your head’ which literally means that you need to be able to see everywhere, even behind you; quite appropriate really in a school, as it is often described as a key quality a teacher needs to have!

Many other competitions will be held next week such as saying ‘hello’, ‘bonjour’, ‘ciao’ in as many languages as possible. Do encourage your children to take part and learn all they can.   It will make next week particularly exciting and rewarding for them. Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Nicholas West – Head of Primary