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Principal Weekly Update 02/06/2017 from Mr Mark Sayer

02 June 2017

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This week, as I write, thoughts of creativity come to mind.  Just occasionally, the prospect of what to write is not a totally happy one.  What shall I write?  What will it resonate with readers?  And it got me thinking that everyday, in every lesson, in every circumstance, we ask the same of our children.  In class, they are required to process information, to respond to it, assimilate it, filter it, do something with it.  External factors, for example, of how they feel, what the weather is like, the time of day, will all have a part to play in whether they and their teachers will see successful outcomes.  It is easy to forget this complexity of environment and factors that go up to make a normal day for our young people.  It is also good as educators, and I suggest as parents too, to remember this and continue to show the empathy and understanding that helps to create environments where children can learn safely and securely, maximising learning opportunities.

On this matter, it was lovely to see a good number of parents attend the ‘Bring your Own Device’ meeting in Secondary this week.  Nick Lee has written more extensively, but one of the activities involved parents using their phones to access new technology for assessment of earning. It was a new experience for many.  The sense of fun and engagement was palpable, and this is exactly the kind of atmosphere we are seeking to engender through this new policy.  Thank you to all who attended.  We are excited about this opening up of learning for students and look forward to working with you all more closely.

As a school, we are very much a British institution operating in Vietnam.  We respect the laws of the land, and value the customs and traditions of this beautiful country.  It is truly a pleasure to be living and working here, in building a legacy in education for all of the wonderful children we have here and for generations of students yet to come.  But we are very much a school that is built on British standards: high expectations, rigour, strong adherence to policy that supports effective learning and operations within school.  For example, all staff, expat and Vietnamese, our own and third party staff, are required to follow strict guidelines on child safety.  They carry out regular and extensive training in this regard.  Our systems and operations also require similar buy-in from parents to help us do our jobs better in caring for your children.  I would like to reiterate that all parents relook at the protocols for collecting children at the end of the day when using the parent cards.  These systems are in place for the protection of your children. 

In addition, we know that online safety is a vital part of this as the world becomes increasingly digitised and cloud-based.  Next term on October 16th and 17th, we will host Jonathan Taylor, a leading expert in online safety, who will be speaking to each individual year group and will run a parent seminar for parents on the evening of October 16th.   Please save the date and come to this.  It is my belief that parents will find it hugely instructive, so much so that you may wish to bring other parent friends so that they too can benefit from Jonathan’s expertise.  More details will follow but it will be an afternoon event.

Thank you as ever for your support in all the ways that we seek to develop strong outcomes for students. I wish you all a very happy weekend together.