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Book week is one of the core events at BVIS Hanoi since it encourages the students’ passion for reading books which contain the intelligence treasure of human race. The BVIS Book week 2018 is different from those last years thanks to the contribution of a talented young translator, Nguyen Ngoc Minh Anh (Class 7S), with her first translated edition of an English book.

The edition of ‘The Mistakes That Worked’ (by Charlotte Foltz Jones) translated by Minh Anh will be officially published and launched this year by a well-known publication, Alphabooks. The following interview with Minh Anh will reveal many amazing stories about her and ‘the mistakes that worked’!

“The skills of using both languages are improved after this experience”.

Q: How long does it take to complete the Vietnamese edition of ‘the Mistakes that worked’?

A: 6 months, I remember. It was about all the time spent for drafting and editing.

Q: Looking back those 6 months, when was the most difficult time to you?

A: I think it was the very first stage. At the beginning, I just tried to translate small pieces that I was interested in. When it became a serious project, I thought I couldn’t make it. Luckily, everything wasn’t so hard as it seemed.

Q: What is the most important achievement you receive after this project?

A: Not only my English vocabulary but also my Vietnamese usage has been significantly improved after completing ‘The Mistakes that worked’. Not simply finding the Vietnamese meanings of English words and phrases, translation is the conveyance of intelligence meaning. In order to best translate some words and phrases, sometimes we need to research the whole stories behind.

“A scientific timetable is the key”

Q: How can you mange to have both studying and translating well-done?

A: Actually, staying focus in a certain period of time really helps me work effectively. In addition, the translation is diferent from the studying which has fixed curriculum and timetable since I can totally arrange my time spent on translating.

Q: It seems kind of easy for you to manage your time, meeting the requirements of your study and your passion at the same time. Do you have any tips or advise?

A: A scientific time table is the key. At this age, we students still have to do my best at school and get homework to do. It takes time and effort to find the right track. But now, I can do it quite well.

Q: After the project of ‘The Mistakes that worked’, you will to challenge yourself with another one, won’t you?

A: Of course, I am doing right now, actually, challenging myself with a scientific title. I find myself interested in science more than any other genres.

Q: Have you ever concerned that the next challenge would be too much to handle?

A: If I were me of the previous years, I think, I could be panic. But I am not now. I think, any of us can challenge with a project like this. However, we have to make sure how much we love and how much we are willing to engage with the project. When we are willing to devote our time and efforts, it’s totally possible.

“I love painting… And I am a fan of delicious food also. There was a time I dreamt of being a chef”.

Q: Have you ever dreamt to be a professional translator?

A: I have many dreams right now, frankly speaking. So I need more time to better find out which is the future that I dream of.

Q: If it’s not the translation, what are ‘many dreams’ you are talking about?

A: I mean painting, for example. I love painting. There are some dedicated works that I really like. I gave one of them to my teacher at BVIS as a gift. And I am a fan of delicious food also. I remember there was a time I dreamt of being a chef.

Q: It’s interesting to know that your dreams are the reflection of all you love. So when will be the right time for you to make the choice of your career?

A: Dreams can change during our lifetime, I think. For instance, I used to dream of being a security guard (laugh). But now, I’d rather think of the works that I like, which can make me devote my time, my efforts and help stay independent, than dream of something. Just like translation, this job brings to me interesting experience, the joy of working, and certain incomes, too. That feeling is so new and interesting.

Thank you, Minh Anh, for spending your time sharing with us about your great experience! May success be there with you in every walk of life.