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Our International A Level Programme

The Cambridge International A Level is a traditional route for students wishing to progress to the world’s major English speaking universities. 

  • Cambridge International Examinations Recognition in the USA
  • Using your Cambridge qualifications to study in the USA
  • BVIS Students' Feedback about IGCSE (Part 1/2)
  • BVIS Students' Feedback about IGCSE (Part 2/2)
What are International A Levels?

International A Levels are England’s national high school qualification, although they are also used in nearly 130 other countries because they have a proven reputation for being an excellent preparation for universities around the world, employment and life. They are studied by students aged 17 – 18 during their final two years at school.

Students typically take four or five subjects in Year 12 (Grade 11) leading to AS Level examinations at the mid-point of the two year course. Students normally continue into Year 13 (Grade 12) with fewer subjects (three or four) to enable specialisation.

What are the Benefits of International A Levels?
  1. Universities around the world, including all UK universities and more than 450 US universities, accept A Levels for entry. A Levels are seen as the equivalent to the Advanced Placement courses by American universities. Many universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, MIT and Stanford often see the best A Level applicants as prime targets. To find out more about university recognition of A Levels visit www.cie.org.uk/recognition
  2. A Levels provide breadth of study in Year 12 before specialisation in Year 13. This provides a deep understanding of chosen subjects, enabling students to prepare for specific university courses and career pathways.
  3. Academic expectations are high and close to those experienced in top universities.
  4. A levels emphasise and develop critical thinking, advanced comprehension and research skills
  5. A Levels promote advanced reading and writing skills, particularly the ability to structure and defend an argument
  6. A Levels develop the ability to present and participate in a debate and to positively engage with critical feedback
  7. A Levels develop students as independent learners
Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

BVIS is a registered examination centre for the CIE A Levels. CIE is the world’s largest provider of education programmes and qualifications with over 9,000 schools in 160 countries. Click here to view a research document showing how CIE A Levels develop ‘college-ready’ students

CIE also supports the teaching of A Levels by offering a wealth of teaching and learning resources, as well as past exam papers and examiners’ reports. BVIS teachers are part of a network of top professionals who receive continuing professional development through regional courses organised by CIE to ensure they are kept up to date with the latest educational thinking.