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The curriculum for our private international preschool in New York during the Early Years comes from the UK and starts your child off on the road of a lifelong learner. We develop their numeracy and literacy through exciting play-based activities.

Two- to five-year-olds learn in our bright, engaging, playful environment, where our open learning spaces and large classrooms allow them to develop personally, socially, and emotionally. Children build the confidence to develop academically in an international context.
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A Curriculum to Foster Engaged, Motivated Thinkers

We know how critical this early stage of your child’s life is to ensure their success in the world around them. We follow the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage framework, which allows our teachers to tailor learning experiences to the needs of every child across seven areas of their education. We also provide specialist lessons in languages (Spanish French, and Mandarin, through songs and games), music, art, dance, drama, swimming, and PE, while collaborating with the world-class experts and resources of The Juilliard School, MIT, and UNICEF.   

By observing and recording each stage of your child’s development, we guide them through play and planned activities, so they’ll gain experiences that encourage: 

A Truly Personalized Approach in Our New York Preschool

Your child's learning experience is as unique as they are. Our small class sizes and ideal teacher-to-child ratios of 6:1 enable individualized teaching everywhere, as we foster a love of learning. From the child’s perspective, our curriculum delivers the fun, real-life, concrete experiences they need to enjoy learning and connect with the world. Through careful observation and ongoing assessment, we set unique learning goals for every child and regularly review these targets in partnership with the parents or guardians.  

Play: The Brain's Favorite Way to Learn

Play is central to our Early Years approach. Our curriculum centers on learning experiences where children make sense of the things and people around them; investigate the world; and form relationships and interactions. We all learn best when we’re motivated, interested, happy, and engaged in experiences which fascinate and challenge us. At NAISNY, we’re proud that our facilities and resources provide the children in our care with a safe, secure, and happy environment, where they can continually play and develop their natural skills of inquiry, creativity, and critical thinking. This lays the foundation for success in their future education. 


Your child’s learning will benefit from our teachers’ tailored attention to their individual goals and needs, alongside many opportunities to learn from the world leaders of our outstanding collaborations with Juilliard, MIT, and UNICEF. There’s simply no place like NAISNY.

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