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By building a strong rapport with your child, our outstanding teachers shape learning experiences that are unique. They’ll strategically respond to your child’s interests, goals, and needs — helping your child unlock their highest potential.


We’re committed to delivering the best possible education for your child, with teaching staff that are second to none. Our talented teachers not only take a carefully tailored, individual approach within our small classes at NAISNY, but also build our students’ confidence as rigorous thinkers who can independently use their toolboxes of skills, techniques, and talents to respond to any challenge with ingenuity.

99% of our parents strongly confirm the strong relationship our students have with their teachers, and we’re proud that our teachers remain the cornerstone of our students’ happiness at NAISNY, too. In fact, 96% of NAISNY parents say their child is happy at school, working enthusiastically towards their goals.
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All our teachers and staff are experts in their subjects, thoroughly trained in the English National Curriculum, and bring international experience to our community.

Every day, they feel rewarded when they use the best educational practices in the world to bring out your child’s best and witness their progress every step of the way.

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Liam Strachan
Deputy Head, Whole School and Head of Early Years
Liam Strachan holds a Bachelor’s in Education with Honors from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.
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Liam Strachan
What made you choose to become a teacher?
I decided to be a teacher because I wanted to make a difference. I take the responsibility of helping our students to become caring, considerate, and responsible individuals seriously. My teachers had always been responsible for shaping me into the person I am today, and I can only hope that I can have the same positive influence on the minds and hearts of my students.

What excites you most about teaching reception? 
Reception is a really exciting year group to teach. The children surprise me every year with how much progress they make from the beginning to the end of their class time. Every day, I’m excited to watch the children apply the skills they’ve learned, and I enjoy picking up on their varied interests to drive their learning, using motivating and engaging play-based topics.

What's a magic moment for you?
This is my eighth year at Nord Anglia International School New York, and over the years, I’ve enjoyed seeing the students and school grow. I love our diverse, international, welcoming, and supportive community, and I feel lucky every day to stand outside and greet all the happy little faces, as the children arrive at school. I love seeing them become eager to meet up with their friends and start their exciting day of learning.
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Matt Payne
Head of Lower School
Matt Payne holds a Bachelor’s in Education from the University of Plymouth in England.
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Matt Payne
What made you choose to become a teacher?
I always thought teaching might be something I’d enjoy, so I decided to take on a volunteer position for two weeks at the primary school I’d attended as a child. After spending some time at the school and teaching the children, I knew it was what I wanted to do. It’s a job like no other. It’s a job that allows you to challenge your own skillsets and to grow, as you develop and grow others — whether it’s planning exciting lessons or finding new subject matter that might even be out of your comfort zone. I wanted a job that made a difference, a real difference.

What's a magic moment for you?
The true magic in the classroom, for me, is bringing together different communities’ cultures and backgrounds. People from all around the world join together in the NAISNY classroom to form one strong community. Every day, we get closer towards our shared vision, and every step of that journey is magic.
What inspires you?
What truly inspires me as a teacher is the opportunities that a good education can give you in life. The scope of opportunity is limitless. There’s a world of opportunities out there — whether it’s the dream career or perhaps traveling to a faraway nation. It's the desire to learn a new skill such as a language or instrument. I’ve been inspired as a teacher in this way by my own personal experiences. The memories I’ve created for myself and the experiences I’ve had from traveling the world and visiting and living in different countries have all been part of the powerful alteration of my own personal journey that I hope to inspire in others.
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Dominique Prince
Head of Upper School
Dominique Prince holds a Bachelor's in English from Brunel University in England and a Master’s in International Education and PGCE English (Secondary) Degree from King’s College London.
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Dominique Prince
What made you choose to become a teacher? 
My desire to teach stemmed from my experience working in an alternative education provision for students that had disengaged from mainstream education and were on the verge of permanent exclusion. Working in this challenging school environment required the resilience to work against factors that affected student learning, such as behavior and attendance. I was determined to help the students reach their academic goals, and I achieved this by encouraging them to be creative and contextualizing the curriculum, so that it was accessible and engaging.

Who inspires you?
A person who greatly inspires me is the author Paulo Coelho. His novel The Alchemist is one of my all-time favorites as it’s filled with powerful life lessons. A key message within the novel is to pursue your dreams by following what your heart desires and to be resilient when faced with adversity. This message is one that resonates with me, as it brought me here to NYC and NAISNY.

What excites you the most about teaching Upper School?
I’m a firm believer in “developing the whole child,” so it excites me when I see students within Upper School not only engaging with my lessons but seeing the value in literature and how it can be used to teach them life lessons. Every day, the students impress me with their thoughtful reflections.


We attract the world's best teachers because of our incredible trainings and professional development opportunities, exclusive to Nord Anglia Education. 

Every year, our teachers undergo performance reviews that evaluate and reflect upon our teaching practices in connection with career-boosting offerings from Nord Anglia University. Whether it’s enhancing one’s qualifications with a new training at the cutting-edge of educational practices — or pursuing Nord Anglia’s Executive Master’s in International Education from King’s College London — we invest in our teachers and are always staying ahead of the curve to deliver the best, internationally.
Our specialist teachers leading our STEAM and performing arts curricula also attend exclusive subject-specific training every year with Apple, MIT, and Juilliard — putting them at the cutting-edge of their profession. For example, with our proximity to Juilliard, our performing arts team has outstanding support from Juilliard alumni artists, who ensure we’re delivering our highest quality from the very heart of this special Nord Anglia collaboration.
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We enhance our students’ classroom experiences with the best teaching technology on the market. Our teachers not only use data and analytics to inform decisions for each student's unique learning path, but also use insightful methods for sharing learning between the student, teacher, and parent — seamlessly celebrating success or rewarding milestones digitally, for example.

Additionally, Global Campus is a favorite tech platform at NAISNY, encouraging our students to safely connect and collaborate online with other Nord Anglia students across the globe on projects and challenges. Global Campus expands our students’ knowledge of the world and brings them together with other bright minds.


Our Admissions team would be happy to help you — and can even connect you to current parents so you can hear about their children’s experiences at NAISNY directly. Schedule a tour or a virtual discovery meeting with us to see what makes our school unique.

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