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More Frequently Asked Questions

  • How's your approach to learning different from the approach of other New York City schools?
    At NAISNY, we’re proud to offer students a contemporary international education based on the standards of the English National Curriculum. All learning at NAISNY is based on the individual needs of each child and delivered by specialist teachers. We teach from the British curriculum because it gives us greater opportunity to differentiate instruction to the interests, needs, and goals of each child, allowing your child to accelerate in their learning where it’s appropriate to their strengths and talents. Additionally, our collaborations with The Juilliard School, MIT, and UNICEF and our belonging to the Nord Anglia international family of schools allow us to offer world-class opportunities, experiences, and resources that are unlike the offerings of any other school.
  • What trips and experiences do you offer your students?
    We’re so lucky to live in New York City because it’s so culturally rich and offers so many different experiences. We take students to nearby museums, Broadway shows, sports venues, and anywhere inspiring for our students to learn outside the classroom. 

    We also bring students to the Ashokan Center in the Catskills Mountains each year to spend time in nature and experience blacksmithing, syrup collection, canoeing, and plenty of other special activities. 

    Being part of Nord Anglia Education also gives our older students the option to travel to Florida or Costa Rica for the annual Global Games, a fun sports and athletics competition where they represent NAISNY. At the Global Games, our talented athletes compete against other Nord Anglia schools across the Americas in sports like basketball, volleyball, swimming, or soccer; they also meet and make friends with other international students from countries around the globe.
  • Do you have a student leadership team?
    Yes! Each year, our students engage in an election to run for different positions on the student leadership team. This gives our students a voice in our school, and they get involved in various activities such as community events, sports, academics, and service throughout the school.