Physical Education is key to our students' education at NAISNY. Inside our full-sized gym, our specialist teachers expose students to many sports and athletics.
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All NAISNY students have times throughout the week when they go down to our gymnasium to spend time with our specialized Physical Education (PE) teacher.

You'll discover our Early Years students moving on tumbling mats, doing obstacle courses, and developing their hand-eye coordination. Lower School students are playing structured games, throwing, and catching, and beginning to learn the basics of sports like soccer and basketball. Once students reach Upper School, they begin to develop fitness skills like running and functional movements. They begin targeting specific skills within a sport, like serving a volleyball or dribbling a soccer ball.

We also offer Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) after school, often led by external coaches from a specific sport. This year, we're offering Taekwondo, tennis, ballet, running club, basketball, and multi-sports. Students can choose the sports they'd like specialized coaching in and take weekly classes in the sport of their choosing.