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At our private Upper School in New York City, your child will use the English National Curriculum and the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC).

During this unique stage, our students discover  their independence with the right amount of challenge and support to grow academically and personally. Together, our two curricula provide the ideal way to guide your child forward, strengthened further by our world-class collaborations with Juilliard, MIT, and UNICEF.
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The English National Curriculum and International Middle Years Curriculum

From Year 5 (or 4th grade in the US system), a dedicated specialist educator teaches each subject as a unique feature of NAISNY. Our curriculum challenges students to make connections across subjects and to deepen their understanding of how our themes relate to the wider world. 

The English National Curriculum forms the basis for the content of our challenging program of study. It builds upon prior learning and encourages students to explore in greater depth the concepts, processes, and skills of specific subjects. The depth of study in each area ensures that our students are well-prepared for their chosen pathway into an excellent high school in New York City, the United States, or internationally.

Through the English National Curriculum, students will study: 


Through our collaboration with The Julliard School, we teach the performing arts using the Julliard Creative Curriculum for: 


We teach skills in History, Geography, Social Studies, and Citizenship through our two international curricula: 


The IPC and IMYC provide our students with a unique opportunity to make connections between the various subjects. They offer a thematic approach, which brings learning to life. The program offers a lively, motivational, and cross-curricula approach, helping students develop greater confidence in their learning and its relevance.


Emotional and Social Intelligence

At NAISNY, we believe emotional intelligence and strong relationships are a vital part of supporting our students to thrive in their lives. Throughout Upper School, students are divided into forms that mix students across year groups to provide them with opportunities to form relationships with a wider range of peers, encouraging mentoring and leadership. Form time, at the beginning and end of each day, includes a wide range of activities to develop these skills and a deeper understanding of the world. 

In Years 8 and 9, students can join the Student Leadership Team and become a voice for the student body, implementing their vision and developing their leadership skills. 


The Transition to High School

This is an important time for influencing the crucial decisions our students will make about their future, and we work closely with every student and their families to provide the personal guidance and support they need for a successful future after NAISNY. 

When our students graduate from Upper School at the end of Year 9, our students are self-confident, socially conscious, and ready to succeed. Every year, NAISNY students go on to thrive at the top high schools in NYC, in the US, and worldwide.


Your child’s learning will benefit from our teachers’ tailored attention to their individual goals and needs, alongside many opportunities to learn from the world leaders of our outstanding collaborations with Juilliard, MIT, and UNICEF. There’s simply no place like NAISNY.

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