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August 03, 2021

NAISNY / MIT Bark Box Challenge


We are privileged to have a collaboration with a world-class institution such as MIT.  The collaboration is unique and brings many benefits to our students.  It offers the chance for students to work together on projects, collaborating, researching, and testing their ideas.  They learn leadership skills, analytical skills and resilience when their plans do not go as they hoped. Students work together pitching their ideas to each other and coming up with solutions to challenges that they meet along the way.  It is a fantastic example of STEAM, project and enquiry based education and happens in our school throughout the year.

This year, our MIT projects have been focused on space, and particularly the Mars mission.  Students were challenged to design a bark box (a subscription box for dog owners that sends toys and treats each month to dog owners).  We asked Kong to send us dog toys and one of our teachers brought in their dog to school so that students could test which treats and toys were the most popular. Students then went away and designed and tested their dog treats and toys.

On June 16th, the hard work culminated in our very first Bark Tank event! Featuring judges from Bark Box and a representative from the MIT Team, our students, from 2 years old to 14 years old pitched their MIT Pet Packs for dogs.   The day was a lot of fun and students, teachers and our visitors.  You can see some of the day’s event in the trailer above.  For the full video please head to our page on YouTube.

We are delighted to announce Year 3 as the overall winners of this year’s MIT challenge.  The judges were not only impressed with their designs and ideas but also really enjoyed their pitch, which even threw in some humor.  Great work Year 3!