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July 06, 2023

Bark Tank 2023

Bark Tank-Bark Tank-petpack blog post
Bark Tank 2023

Every year, Nord Anglia Edcuation students across 84+ international schools are given real-world, STEAM challenges thanks to our collaboration with MIT. 


This year, the challenge was to create a Pet Pack that focused on how to improve socialization between dogs and humans. They worked all year to create a set of dog toys with a variety of materials from 3D printed parts, stitched fabrics, or sustainable materials. Students were able to speak with real toy designers and dog owners during their design process, to learn the needs of the dog market and adjust their plans accordingly. They wrapped up the project by presenting their toys, on the Bark Tank stage, to a panel of mock toy investors.


After the project, we interviewed our students about their experiences while designing, marketing, and presenting their toys to a panel of industry leaders. Our MIT lead teacher, Mr. Reardon, also shared with us his views on the challenge, and how he noticed the students' resilience and confidence grow. You can find the interview in the video linked below.