Laurie Joynt
18 April, 2022

The importance of the swim programme at Northbridge

The importance of the swim programme at Northbridge
At Northbridge International School Cambodia, with our covered Aquatics Centre, pool facilities and specialised staff, we are very lucky to have the opportunity for our students to learn how to swim as well as improve on existing swimming skills during our PHE classes.

Each week, our students are given the chance to work on different strokes, using the correct technique as well as having fun in the water. We have a dedicated team of coaches and lifeguards who are there to ensure the safety of all our students during each lesson.

There has been an improvement in the attendance of students which is fantastic to see and we hope that this continues. Our team values the support of the parents and ask that they continue to encourage their children to participate in these lessons. We continue to socially distance our swimmers while in the water, as part of our Covid safety protocol.

Learning to swim and improving specific skills as well as confidence levels while in the water is of vital importance. Not only is it a life saving skill, but a good way to exercise as it is a full body workout. For our best swimmers, there is an opportunity to join the school swim team.

Our Nagas swim team, which features Bronze, Silver and Gold squads, continues to grow in strength and have shown some amazing performances throughout our season. All of the swimmers have shown dedication and determination to improve and have continued to work consistently during our training sessions, swimming hard to improve their personal best times.

In February, NISC hosted our first swim meet in our new Aquatics Centre, which had school teams from around Phnom Penh competing. The swim meet was a success with our 15 and over girls relay team retaining their title. This was followed by a successful away meet at CIS on 26 March, which featured many personal best times and swimmers placing in the top three, and was the first time our Nagas swim parents were able to come and cheer on.

We look forward to even better performances at the season’s last two swim meets!