05 May, 2022

Why are field trips important to students at Northbridge?

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Why are field trips important to students at Northbridge?
If you ask me about why field trips are important at Northbridge International School Cambodia, there would be plenty of reasons to answer this question.

Field trips can be an enriching experience to the curriculum; an experience in addition to those at school or home. During the field trips, children use their observation skills while immersing themselves in the sensory world. In addition to that, field trips increase children’s knowledge about the world they live in. In the end, who forgets a memory of a trip when they went out of school?

On 28 April 2022, EL2 and EL3 went on a field trip to the Royal University of Agriculture. Children learned about planting with Mr Chad from Toom farm who joined us to explain about plants and greenhouses. Children were exposed to different kinds of plants, trees, flowers, and vegetables. The students had a blast playing on the field, having a nutritious snack, and exploring the flowers.


Regardless of the learning happening related to their Unit of Inquiry, children acquired so many skills other than just subject matter. Leaving their comfort zone for the first time without their parents is a huge step for them. All the children showed excitement getting on and off the bus.  

Children experienced the importance of bus safety, experienced being responsible for their bodies and safety when they are not at school or home, and they learned that this skill is universal. We also spoke about traffic rules, when to cross the road, how to wait and listening to instructions. Finally children learned how to be part of a group and move as a community.

We look forward to having many more field trips!